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【4/2021】Top #10 Cách Chấm Điểm Tên Con Theo Phong Thủy, Hợp Tuổi Với Bố Mẹ

August 27, 202027 August, 2020 Babysitter 0 Comments Scoring children’s names, grading children’s names according to five elements, beautiful names for babies, see child’s name scores

You name your child without knowing the five elements!!! You may not believe it, but naming your child is extremely important and profoundly affects the child’s personality, learning path, and fame later. With Phu Long yt2byt.edu.vn See how many points your child’s name gets Please.

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Very detailed article with instructions Calculate the score of naming children according to the five elements so it will be a bit long and complicated, so you need to be patient to see how to calculate the score to understand clearly to avoid miscalculation.

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List of Last Name, First Name Lot, Main Name With Five Elements According to Chinese Characters

Needle: Doan, An, Da, My, Người nào, Hien, Nguyen, Thang, Nhi, Ngan, Kinh, Tich, Khanh, Chung, Dieu, Nghia, Sentence, Trang, Xuyen, Money, Thiet, Dinh, Luyen, Cuong, Han, Mind, Phong, Vi, Van, Gender, Doan, Luc, Phuong, The, Thang, Huu, Nham, Mind, Van, Kien, ShowMoc: Khoi, Le, Nguyen, Do, Mai, Peach, Truc, Tung, Cuc, Quynh, Tong, Thao, Willow, Nhan, Huong, Lan, Hue, Nhi, Bach, Lam, Ginseng, Kien, Bach, Xuan, Quy, Quan, Quang, Cung, Tra, Lam, Lam, Gia, Lau, Sai, Vi, Ban, Ly, Khô hanh, Hamlet, Chu, Vu, Tieu, De, Da, Truong, Ky, Thuc, Can, Dong, Chu, Ba, Thu, Ox, Phuong, Phan, Nam, Tich, Nha, Nha, Ho, Ky, Chi, Thi, Binh, Binh, Sa, Giao, Phuc, PhuocWater: Le, Thuy, Giang, Ha, Suong, Hai, Khe, Trach, Nhuan, Bang, Ho, Sea, Tri, Vo, Vu, Bui, Man, Han, Low, Wear, Kieu, Tuyen, Hoan, Giao, Pig, Du, Khang, Phuc, Phu, Hoi, Thuong, Trong, Luan, Kien, Gender, Nham, Nham, Trieu, Tien, Tien, Quang, Toan, Loan, Cung, Hung, Quan, Bang, Quyet, Liet, Luu, Cuong, Sang, Mineral, Van, Hoa, Xa, Huyen, Tuyen, Hop, Hiep, Dong, Danh, Hau, Lai, Lu, La, Nga, Tin, Nhan, Doan, Vu, Khue, Trang, Khoa, Di, Giap, Nhu, Phi, Vong, Tu, Ton, An, Uyen, Dao, Khai, Khanh, Khuong, Khanh, Nhung, Hoan, Tich, Ngan, Bach, Ba, Ky, Can, Quyet, Trinh, LieuFire: Dan, Dai, Cam, Boi, Anh, Thanh, Duc, Thai, Duong, Thu, Ruler, Lot, Huan, Hoan, Luyen, Noon, Ngo, Nhat, Minh, Sang, Huy, Quang, Dang, Ha, Hong, Binh, Khang, Linh, Huyen, Can, Doan, Dung, Luu, Cao, Score, Tiet, Nhien, Heat, Chieu, Nam, Kim, Ly, Yen, Thieu, Tran, Hung, Hiep, Huan, Lam, ViTho: Sand, Son, Ngoc, Bao, Chau, Cham, Nghien, Nham, Bich, Kiet, Thac, Tran, Anh, Lac, Ly, Chan, Con, Dien, Quan, Trung, Dieu, San, Tu, Dia, Nghiem, Hoang, Thanh, Ky, Co, Vien, Liet, Kien, Dai, Bang, Cong, Thong, Diep, Dinh, Vinh, Giap, Than, Bat, Bach, Thach, Hoa, Lap, Thao, Huan, Nghi, Dang, Truong, Long, Do, Khue, Truong


Folk belief that the name blesses destiny, it brings convenience, bestows luck if you have a blessed name, conversely, when you have a hung name, that name It’s like an invisible frame pressing down on you, no matter how hard you try, there is still an invisible black eye blocking you, causing you much unhappiness. This is only a reference study, to help parents have an orientation when name your baby.

Instructions for choosing a name:

In order to choose a name suitable for your child’s destiny, you should take your child’s birthday as your master. Normally, for each act, there will be two births and one peace, we give you an example for your understanding. For example: your child’s birthday is Wood then the two symbiosis must be Water and Fire and 1 peace act is Woodso your child’s name must be Water and Fire. Choosing a valid name Water and Fire to give birth to onions Wood Your child’s work is too easy, but it’s difficult that it must always coexist with the five elements of father and mother to be really good.

So, please choose a name for your baby with one of two actions Water and Fireand one of those two elements must also be compatible with your life year, so you should prioritize choosing one of the two elements. Water and Firewhich practice suits your destiny is the best, or is it just an act? Wood be at peace. If your child lives with your parents, you should choose a name with a birth correlation with your father’s life, and if you live separately from someone, a father or a mother, choose a name with a birth correlation with that person’s life year, if the child’s name is approved. It is extremely good to have both parents and father’s life together.

Talk about First Name and First Name Again, if They Have Action Water then it will be incompatible with Name with Action Earth and Fireso please add a middle name or two with onions Kim and Moc to act as a bridge between Last Name > Middle Name > Primary Name. It is easier to say that 1 can’t step to 3 but needs a bridge of 2, the main bridge is a middle name (1 > 2 > 3), which means that 1 is equivalent to 3, but we add a middle name of 2 then will be different, 1 will be related to 2 and 2 will be related to 3.

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See how many points your child gets according to the five elements

The analysis of the pentagram:

The family wants to name their child: Vo Nguyen Hong Phuc Chu Vo belongs to the element Thuy, Chu Nguyen belongs to the element Moc Chu Hong belongs to the element Fire Chu Phuc belongs to the element MocCon has the destiny: Wood commensurate with names with action Water and FireFather has a command: Water commensurate with names with action Kim and MocMother has a mandate: Needle commensurate with names with action Thuy and Tho1. Relationship between name and destiny:The element of the destiny: Moc Khô hanh of the name: Moc Conclusion: The element of the destiny is Moc and the Khô hanh of the name is Moc, not born, not engraved, in average. Score: 1.5/32. Relationship between Father’s Khô hanh and Son’s Khô hanh:Father’s Destiny: Thuy Khô hanh’s Son’s Name: Moc Conclusion: Father’s Destiny’s Action is Thuy, and the Son’s Son’s Action is Moc, which is very good! Score: 2/23. Relationship between Mother’s Action and Child’s Action:My mother’s destiny: Kim Khô hanh of the child’s name: Moc Conclusion: The mother’s destiny act is Kim contrasted with the Son’s name is Moc, very bad !Score: 0/24. Relationship between Last Name, Middle Name and First Name:Letter Martial arts onion Water reciprocity for letters Nguyen has onion is Woodvery good!Text Nguyen has onion is Wood reciprocity for letters Pink has onion is Firevery good!Text Pink has onion is Fire reciprocity for letters Phuc has onion is Woodvery good!Score: 3/35. Determine the hexagram of the name in the I Ching:Separate the first and last names, then take those two parts corresponding to the upper and lower monsters, forming a double hexagram: This series of Last Names corresponds to the hexagram Thuan Doai (兌 duì) Meaning: The hexagram indicates good fortune, is loved by everyone, especially the opposite sex. It is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of drinking, excessive speech, and the opportunity to succeed, the road to fame and fortune has many advantages, and it is easy to promote officials. Abundant fortune. The exam is easy to pass. Diseases caused by eating and drinking, easy to get serious. Litigation should be avoided because it does not match this card, so reconciliation is better. Favorable marriage, find a good wife. Happy family. Being born again in October is a way to gain success, easy to achieve fame and fortune. This is a hexagram of Cat. Score: 2/2Conclusion: Total score is 8.5/12

This is a pretty name, hope it brings a lot of happiness and good luck to your baby!

See how many points your child’s name gets according to the most accurate and easy-to-understand Ngu Khô hanh

Currently, there are quite a few software to grade children’s names according to the five elements, how to name boys and girls to help you name your child in accordance with the feng shui of the father and mother’s names. However, no matter how, any tool will give results that are difficult to achieve the desired threshold, so naming children according to Feng Shui Ngu Khô hanh suitable for parents should rely on accurate calculation. as follows:

Naming your child according to feng shui takes the five elements of his destiny as the main importance. Mix between Thien Can and Dia Chi to form a new element of the destiny.

Kim gave birth to Thuy: If the father’s name belongs to Kim, the son’s name must belong to Thuy.Aquatic Wood: If the father’s name belongs to Thuy, the son’s name must belong to Moc.Fire born Earth: If the father’s name belongs to Fire, the son’s name must belong to Earth.Earth Born Kim: If the father’s name belongs to Tho, the son’s name must belong to Kim.

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Wood gives birth to Fire: If the father’s name belongs to Wood, the son’s name must belong to Fire

Here are some scoring rules for See how many points your name gets according to the five elements. Hopefully, with this knowledge, parents have been able to understand and choose a beautiful name for their child that ensures their child’s material wealth and career path is always convenient and smooth.

Bạn thấy bài viết 【4/2021】Top #10 Cách Chấm Điểm Tên Con Theo Phong Thủy, Hợp Tuổi Với Bố Mẹ có khắc phục đươc vấn đề bạn tìm hiểu ko?, nếu  ko hãy comment góp ý thêm về 【4/2021】Top #10 Cách Chấm Điểm Tên Con Theo Phong Thủy, Hợp Tuổi Với Bố Mẹ bên dưới để yt2byt.edu.vn có thể thay đổi & cải thiện nội dung tốt hơn cho độc giả nhé! Cám ơn bạn đã ghé thăm Website Trường Cao đẳng Kỹ thuật Y tế II

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