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99+ Hình xăm Sau Gáy: Đẹp, Chất, Ý nghĩa, Đơn giản nhất

If the tattoo on the shoulder is strong, the tattoo on the chest shows the sexiness back of neck tattoo has a distinct charm. What tattoo patterns on the back of the neck are popular today?

1/ The most meaningful collection of tattoos on the back of the neck

In Chinese culture, the tattoo on the back of the neck represents hidden power, nobility and special power. In Europe, this tattoo means ambition, the desire to conquer the heights in life.

Over time, tattoos at the nape of the neck are created into many different images to suit the needs and aesthetic tastes of users. Here are 99+ models that are most popular and tattooed by ‘skin art’ believers.

1.1/ Lotus tattoo

The lotus flower on the back of the neck is a very beautiful model that you should try today. The sizes should be selected as mini or medium size, ranging from 3 to 5cm. For those who really “believe” and consider the lotus flower as their destiny, you can choose to “paint” the back of your neck.

In terms of feng shui, the lotus at the nape of the neck speaks of purity, enlightenment, understanding, and super-birth. Depending on the color of the flower will determine the specific meaning.

For example: white lotus – pure mind, pure heart; kim Lien – nobility, wealth, financial support; black lotus – sad past, suffering to forget; bloodlust – supreme ambition, revenge, paying the price…

1.2/ Wings tattoo

Wings tattoo is also quite youthful and suitable for many subjects. The tattoo originated in Europe, simulating the wings of the god Gabriel – the god of happiness and the creator of life.

Today, the image of wings is varied according to many different inspirations. In addition to angel wings, customers also love eagle wings, falcon wings, idols… Or more innovative, many studios also mix angel wings and beast wings.

Tattoo wings signify the moment of sublimation, breakthrough, power and destructive power. Tattooing angel wings speaks of dreams, love and compassion. Do not draw blood or wound on the wings as this is a bad omen.

1.3/ Om tattoo

Bearing the beauty of Eastern religion is the Om tattoo. With its origin from Buddhist scriptures, the word om has developed widely and has become a traditional tattoo line in many countries such as India, Mongolia, China, Japan, and Thailand.

The conspicuous point of the word om is that the bold and thin strokes are intertwined, in each stroke the image of a Buddha image, a mandala pattern, a lotus flower, a god elephant, and a magic snake. This is a very spiritual image, so you absolutely do not tattoo backwards or combine it with offensive words.

1.4/ Cross tattoo

The cross has a special meaning in Taoism and most religious people have this tattoo. Despite having a simple motif, the image of the cross “scores” because of its sophistication, high symbolism, and size suitable for the nape area.

The 2 basic color tones for the cross are white, black, and gray. For those who like to stand out, they can use bronze, golden, and red-brown gold. The popular cross images are: Lord sitting on the cross, the cross and the serpent, the rose cross…

According to the interpretation from Protestantism, the image of the cross speaks of the greatness, sacrifice, belief in the good and the benevolent nature of man. A few notes when tattooing are: do not draw backwards, do not draw broken crosses, do not write your name on the cross.

1.5/ Barcode tattoo

Similar to the cross, barcode tattoo is also a model that many customers love. The tattoo structure is very simple, including only vertical lines, dots or numbers. The image also uses 2 classic colors, white and black with glossy coating to make the tattoo more durable.

Barcode tattooing on the back of the neck speaks of honesty, accuracy and trust. Some barcodes also have the meaning of ‘unique’, affirming the ego and the desire to express personality. In addition to the nape of the neck, barcodes are also very suitable for places such as wrists, ankles, collarbones, etc.

1.6/ Eagle tattoo

The boldness of the eagle will be the perfect choice for the back of the neck. The eagle is the lord of the sky, symbolizing freedom, pride and invincible strength. This bird is also very smart – the will of the owner is always quick, ready to overcome challenges.

Because the area is quite narrow, you can only ‘draw’ a mini eagle, an eagle’s wings or an eagle’s head. Pay attention not to tattoo the wing, draw one eye or the eagle plunges downwards. These images speak of scuffles, falls, and bloodshed.

1.7/ Rose tattoo

This will surely be a “signature” that makes many women fall in love with its charm. Roses represent women, exuding a soft, gentle but also very sharp look. You should draw roses at the nape of the neck in odd numbers like 1, 3, 5, 7. Avoid unlucky numbers like 3, 5, 2…

The rose on the back of the neck speaks of hidden beauty, charm, pitfalls and remorse. The specific meaning will be based on the color of the flower, typically pink and white – anniversary, innocence; yellow rose – noble, flashy, haughty; black rose – mystery, pain, oblivion…

1.8/ Crown tattoo

The crown is a symbol that has many meanings and is used a lot in tattoos. When ‘carving’ this image on the nape of the neck, the client should choose a minimalist, tribal or creative style to create a youthful look.

For men, you should choose King’s crown; Women choose Queen’s crown to distinguish gender. Tattoo will be more beautiful if you combine it with a few lines of English quotes or meaningful numbers related to your life.

The crown implies power, supremacy, sometimes pain and heaviness. Some of the accompanying motifs are: rose, snake, wings, bow and arrow, girl…

1.9/ Flower tattoo

Tattoo comes from a Chinese legend, it is said that a person with a mark of stagnation on his body will remember the past, find a loved one and relive a human life. Tattoo with vibrant red tones, flower images are dotted delicately and vividly.

Most of the people who “paint” stagnation have a heavy heart, they want to keep something and carry it with them for the rest of their lives. In Thailand and Malaysia, the biloba flower is for monks who have attained enlightenment, understand morality, and have reached the highest realm of Buddhism.

1.10/ Sunflower tattoo

Sunflower is also a type of tattoo suitable for many different customers. If you are aged 18-25, choose a chibi sunflower model with lovely stylized features. Age 26-40 should choose vintage models, over 40 years old should choose a traditional style tattoo.

Sunflowers represent life, optimism and confidence. When ‘painting’ at the nape of the neck, it also has the meaning of patronage, a stepping stone for the owner to confidently do what he likes. 3 color tones should be used are yellow, brown, black – The typical color of sunflowers.

1.11/ Diamond tattoo

Diamond tattoos are very popular in the West, implying nobility and nobility. Diamond at the nape of the neck indicates abundant potential, stubbornness, fearlessness no matter what happens. Particularly, women talk about the golden single lifestyle that the ladies of the 21st century are pursuing.

When drawing tattoo designs, clients should avoid creating broken lines, cracks or uneven coloring. Spiritually, this is a bad sign, predicting bad luck.

1.12/ Pattern tattoo

The tattoo pattern with bold Japanese and Indian imprints is pattern tattoos. With vivid, curvaceous lines, rich in shape, the nape area will become impressive and unique, causing strong visual effects. Women can completely cover up with their hair if they want the tattoo to be more discreet.

Patterned tattoos represent femininity, tenderness and the unique culture of each country. Japanese patterns often talk about being strong but still delicate, Indian patterns convey Buddhism, European patterns are bold with fertility and praise the female body.

1.13/ Compass tattoo

In Western European culture, the compass is associated with the sea, conquest, exploration and discovery of new lands. For Eastern people, this is a tattoo that promotes orientation, leads people on the right path, avoids falling, and overcomes all temptations around.

Some examples of compasses at the nape are: compass with black rose, compass and anchor (support, anchor), two-sided compass, compass and Aboriginal arrow…

When drawing this picture, customers pay attention to draw enough needles, enough directions, do not draw backwards. In addition to the nape, this will be a very beautiful ‘mark’ that you can ‘paint’ on that hand, chest, calves.

2/ Important note when tattooing the back of the neck

Like tattooing on other parts, tattoo on the nape of the neck is extremely important and will stick with you for the rest of your life. So you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Choose the right image, should only ‘draw’ from 1-2 images, should not mix contrasting patterns
  • Choose a reputable studio with modern tattoo technology, extra cost to ask for an experienced artist
  • 10 days before tattoo, you stop using cold medicine, sedatives and weight loss teas
  • Clean the tattoo area with clean water, apply medicine if there are signs of redness or sores
  • Abstain from eating beef, fish, crabs, snails, sticky rice, spinach because these are foods that cause swelling and make the ink color incorrect.
  • Abstain from shampooing for 3-4 days, wash gently, do not use soap or bath cotton
  • It is recommended to re-color after 5-7 years, choose glossy forms to make the tattoo more durable

Finally, customers should clearly define what their tattoo purpose is? Does Tattoo affect your work/plans to go abroad? The advice is to choose a mini tattoo for easy removal if you no longer love it.

Not only a way to beautify the body, back of neck tattoo It is also a very unique charm that helps you impress those around you.

From the 99+ suggestions of Kangnam, paint yourself with impressive tattoos that suit you and clearly show what you want.

Bạn thấy bài viết 99+ Hình xăm Sau Gáy: Đẹp, Chất, Ý nghĩa, Đơn giản nhất có khắc phục đươc vấn đề bạn tìm hiểu ko?, nếu  ko hãy comment góp ý thêm về 99+ Hình xăm Sau Gáy: Đẹp, Chất, Ý nghĩa, Đơn giản nhất bên dưới để yt2byt.edu.vn có thể thay đổi & cải thiện nội dung tốt hơn cho độc giả nhé! Cám ơn bạn đã ghé thăm Website Trường Cao đẳng Kỹ thuật Y tế II

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