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Affilate là gì ? Hướng dẫn kiếm tiền online bằng Affilate an toàn 2022

Business making money on the trực tuyến environment now has some questions such as “What is Affilate?”, “Is affilate a scam?” … This is also the common situation of everyone when they are just toddlers. into this trực tuyến business. Follow along with the article below to understand the form of affilate and how it works!

I) What is Affilate?

Affilate marketing, also known as affiliate marketing, is considered one of the forms of promoting a product or service of a supplier or manufacturer. Affiliate participants will be trực tuyến earning partners (MMOs) who will receive a commission when influencing other users to visit the site and become customers of the manufacturer. Commonly used methods are referrals, invitations, discounts,…

II) Is this form of Affilate a scam?

What is the affilate form?

In general, it is similar to the multi-level model in the form of receiving commissions through the network, but the nature of affiliates is not multi-level at all. Here are the 5 most obvious differences in these two models:

  • Affilate is không tính tiền to participate, regardless of the referrer.
  • Không lấy phí domain registration, voluntary.
  • Terms are clear and transparent.
  • Pay only a single tier with the right value, not exaggerating.
  • Affliate is only available trực tuyến and there is no pressure.

When this business platform is gradually developing and popular in Vietnam, people are also getting used to shopping trực tuyến, so the form of Affiliate Marketing was soon applied on the e-commerce market in Vietnam. Access Trade, Lazada, Masoffer, Zalora, etc. Although still quite new in the Vietnamese market, in the present and future, Affiliate is still the most effective method of making money trực tuyến compared to other MMO methods.

III) 3-step process for beginners in affiliate marketing

Below I will help you start making money with affiliate marketing in a 3-step process.

Please note that my tutorial only helps you understand the basic form of affiliate marketing, but if you want to get in-depth, you should register for a course or learn more trực tuyến.

Step 1. What do you need to choose the affilate program to do?

This first step is very important and meticulous because if you choose the right “bad” platform, it will be very difficult for you to do or the commission will take a long time to return (You won’t even receive 1 coin).

To make it easier for you, I will list the prestigious affilate programs in Vietnam up to now:

+ Accesstrade: Integrated marketing affiliate platform. In this platform there are many different affiliate marketing models for you to choose from. Roses are diverse because there are so many different types of products.

Open an Affiliate Accesstrade tài khoản here

+ KTcity: The #1 trực tuyến digital learning platform in Vietnam. They have an affiliate program that promotes their course to bring in income. Commission ~30 to 35% of the order value that you bring.

+ Adflex CPO: An affilate platform that only needs customers to fill out a form when closing an order, you will have a commission. Commission ~ 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND for each product.

+ Shopee Affilate Program: Affiliate marketing platform from the largest e-commerce site in Vietnam (Shopee). The commission is 3% to 7%, but it is a big customer.

+ Ladipage Affilate: Affiliate marketing program from the largest landing page website building platform in Vietnam. Commission ~30% of the order value achieved.

Step 2. What is the appropriate product to promote and introduce affilate?

In each of the above platforms I suggest, you will find many different types of products: Courses, digital products (ebooks, software), physical products, electronic money, etc.

What you need to envision when starting to choose products is:

+ In which field do you have the most knowledge?

+ How do you like to introduce products?

Once you have determined the answer, it will be fine when you start working. And if you don’t have the answer, let’s start doing it right away, it will take more time and in the process, if you don’t like that product anymore, you can still make another product.

Step 3. What is the plan to promote and introduce affilate’s products?

According to the folk proverb, there is a saying “If you work, you can eat, no one will easily give it to you”, then affilate must “Have a promotion to get a commission”. There are two main forms of advertising and product introduction:

+ Không lấy phí traffic: Promote to get customers for không tính tiền. The feature is high competition made by many people.

Paid traffic: Run ads to sell. You need to spend money to run ads on Google, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

Based on your personal financial resources, you choose the right form to start.

The above article is about common problems when starting to do Affilate and 3 basic ways of implementing affiliate marketing. Hopefully with this share, you will easily make money trực tuyến with Affilate. And if you haven’t done it or don’t know what Affilate is, what are you waiting for without learning more knowledge and joining the Affilate community.

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Affilate là gì ? Hướng dẫn kiếm tiền trực tuyến bằng Affilate an toàn 2022
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Affilate là gì ? Hướng dẫn kiếm tiền trực tuyến bằng Affilate an toàn 2022
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