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Most of the people who are emperors have a “true destiny of the Son of Heaven”, so why is the emperor’s destiny obtained?

The emperors in history were for the most part not ordinary people. There are people who practice in their previous lives and then reincarnate; some people are stars in heaven on earth; there are people who are immortals, Buddhas, and bodhisattvas who, for the sake of sentient beings, act as emperors to save the world; There are also people who are benediction of pure goodwill, or benediction of merit accumulated by ancestors. The article will discuss 3 cases.

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Duong Huyen Tong: The emperor practiced in his previous life

Duong Huyen Tong Ly Long Co is the third son of Due Tong, in colloquial stories, folk often call him Duong Minh Hoang. He has a heroic personality, is good at riding horses and shooting arrows, knows the laws of heaven and earth, is good at sound law, and his knack for composing music is also well-known in history.

In the work “Long Thanh Luc” by Lieu Tong Nguyen, it is recorded that: On the full moon day of August in the 6th year of Khai Nguyen (Mid-Autumn Festival), Than Thien Master and Daoist Hong Do Kha were both in the palace of the Tang Dynasty. Than Thien Master made Dao magic, brought Duong Huyen Tong and Hong Do Guest to ride the clouds to the sky, and went on a tour of the moon “Phu Thanh Hu Quang Han”. In the clouds, they looked down at the Quang Han Palace, looking like a magnificent royal citadel, the To Nga girls riding white lilies were laughing and nhảy đầm under the big cinnamon tree in Quang Lang. They also heard delicate music. The next night, Duong Huyen Tong wanted to go to Tien Palace on the moon again, but he couldn’t get it. He remembered the figure of To Nga girls nhảy đầm in the wind at Tien Cung, and the music at that time heard, so he transcribed the sound. Law, popularized into the song “Nê Thuong dance y dance”. This dance music is extremely elegant, never seen before, handed down for thousands of years.

Huyen Tong Street, ie Minh Hoang Street. Part of the painting “Truong Qua Kien Minh Hoang Map” by Nhiem Nhan Phat in the Nguyen Dynasty. (Illustrated image)

There is also a “Yet History” saying that in the past life of Duong Huyen Tong was a monk who loved music and liked to play the flute. “Yet history” says that, in the last years of Khai Nguyen Dynasty, Duong Huyen Tong dreamed that someone said to him: “Please bring 500 handkerchiefs and 500 sets of robes to Hoi Huong Pagoda to give alms.” After waking up, he asked the left and right where Hoi Huong Pagoda was, but no one heard of it, no one knew. Huyen Tong sent people to recruit monks with high morals to find Hoi Huong pagoda.

Very quickly, a mad monk came to apply. No one knows where he came from, in which temple he practiced. He said: “I know where Hoi Huong Pagoda is, I can find it, I can get there”.

Asked how much support he needed, the monk said, “Just give me what I need to take and a good pound of incense and I can go immediately.”

After the mad monk received what was entrusted to him, he went straight to Zhongnan Mountain. This monk traveled for two days and came to an extremely dangerous mountain area, without human footprints, and did not see any temples along the way. He kept going, going on, suddenly a pile of stone mills appeared in front of him, he was surprised and said: “This place has no trace of people, why have these things?” The monk felt there was a glimmer of hope.

So he burned incense and carried it with him and put it on the mill. He stayed there to pray. As the gods passed, the valley gradually produced a fog that covered everywhere, and the trees in front of him were invisible. After the fog cleared, in the middle of the mountain appeared a white wall with red columns, and the architecture shimmered as delicately as a picture. In a moment, the image became clearer, a temple appeared in the middle of the cloud, the main gate and the side gate both had a big sea. The mad monk looked closely, on the signboard there were two words “Rewards”. He was very happy, immediately climbed up, to the gate of the temple.

At that time, right at sunset, in the temple, there was the sound of mules and the sound of monks chanting sutras. The gatekeeper asked and led him inside. He saw an old monk, the old monk said to him: “The Emperor’s Road is full of happiness”. Then ask a young monk to lead him to the meditation room to distribute handkerchiefs and robes. One of each is left over. Fortunately, the meditation room still had an empty bed, no monks.

The mad monk returned to meet the old monk, the old monk smiled and told him to sit down, then said to a young boy next to him: “Go to that deputy and bring the flute.”

The monk brought the flute, and the monks saw that it was a jade flute.

The old monk said, “This jade flute is called the Demon Killing King. This jade flute temporarily replaces his monarch. There will be chaos in the country, and there will be countless deaths. That empty room meditation belonged to his monarch, when his monarch was in the temple, because he liked to play the flute, he was later relegated to the human world. This is the flute he usually plays. Now the deadline has expired, hurry back and return it to him.”

The old monk kept the mad monks at Hoi Huong Pagoda overnight. The next morning, after breakfast, the old monk said: “You should go back, you can give this jade flute to your monarch. As for this handkerchief and his robe, he should also keep it.”

The mad monk took the farewell ceremony, his pupils took him out. He walked out of the gate of Hoi Huong Pagoda just a few steps when he saw fog coming from all sides. By the time the fog cleared, the figure of Hoi Huong Pagoda was nowhere to be seen.

The mad monk brought handkerchiefs, robes and jade flutes to Truong An, entered the palace to offer them to Duong Huyen Tong, and detailed all the journeys to find and visit Hoi Huong Pagoda. When Duong Huyen Tong heard it, he was very moved, picked up the jade flute and played it, just like he had played this jade flute before.

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A part of the calligraphy “Territory recitation” by Duong Huyen Tong Ly Long Co, kept at the Taipei Palace Museum. (Picture: community scope)

Tong Chan Tong: “Lai Hoa Thien Ton” is reincarnated

According to the records of the Song history: Tong Chan Tong is “Lai Hoa Thien Ton” reincarnated. When Duong Le was in his 20s, he brought his literature to see Crown Prince Sai Vinh (later Chu The Tong). At that time, Sai Vinh served the order of moderation of Zen Chau. Sai Vinh treated Duong Le very politely, letting them stay at the restaurant. Later, when Sai Vinh was summoned to the court, Duong Le had to move to live in a temple. One night, Duong Le dreamed that a man dressed in antique clothes asked him, “Can you follow me?” The Duong family followed that person to a palace. I only saw that the palace was magnificent, the guards were majestic and majestic, unlike people in the world. On the palace, there are more than 30 people holding jade in their hands facing the south, everyone is like a king. So Duong Le went to worship each of them one by one. In front of a person at the top was a table, on the table there was a book, with the names of some people on it. The surname Duong saw that his name was in the first place, so he asked for information about the future.

The regal said, “I am not your master.” Then pointed to another and said: “This is Lai Hoa Thien Ton, later he is your master, you should ask him”.

Lai Hoa Thien Ton smiled and told the Duong family: “Forty years later, he will make a career, and his natural reputation is also very outstanding.”

Duong Le worshiped forever, suddenly woke up, he remembered the dream and wrote it down.

In the first year of Kien Long of the Song Thai To dynasty (in 960), for the first time opening the talent selection exam, Duong Le passed poinsettia. In the year of the first Doan Gong of the Thai Tong dynasty (in 988), Duong Le was appointed to be the military secretary of the Tuong Vuong government (later Tong Chan Tong). The first time Duong Le saw Tuong Vuong, he was very surprised, returned home, he told his son: “This time I see Tuong Vuong’s face, it is “Lai Hoa Thien Ton” that I met in my old dream. that”.

Tuong Vuong respected Duong Le very much and often praised him. In 997, Prince Tuong Vuong Trieu Hang ascended the throne, which is Tong Chan Tong. After ascending the throne, Tong Chan Tong quickly promoted Duong Le, in more than a year consecutively promoted him, resigned from Huu Duc Duc (sixth grade) and promoted to Thi Lang Bo Cong, Secret Zone. Deputy Ambassador (second grade). This strange dream of the first poinsettia of the Song dynasty witnessed the origin of Song Chan Tong from Ton Than in Heaven come true.

The painting “Triple flower map” by To Luc, by the reign of Van Thanh, depicts the scene of Tong Chan Tong rewarding flowers to his courtiers.

Emperor Luong: In his previous life, he was a good woodcutter who respected the Buddha

Luong Vo De Tieu Dien was a woodcutter in his previous life, poor but did not forget to give alms. Buddha let him once be king in the human world. In this life, Emperor Vo still enjoys doing good deeds and practicing cultivation, and worships the monk Chi Cong as the national teacher. One day, Emperor Luong Vo asked the monk Chi Cong: “Today this lady is allowed to be an emperor, I wonder what meritorious deeds she did in her previous life? Please help this lady tell the source.”

Most Venerable Chi Cong replied: “His Majesty wants to ask about the past life, the person who cultivates, the god is not convenient to talk about.”

After hearing this, Emperor Wu was embarrassed, but then asked again: “This lady now worships you as a teacher, why can’t she speak? Disciple wishes to know.”

Chi Cong replied, “The previous emperor was a woodcutter. Just because he went to the mountain to cut firewood, he met the ancient Linh Dan pagoda on the mountain, the roof of the temple was rotten, there was only an ancient Buddha image that was soaked in the sun and rain, no one to worship. The woodcutter self-made a good mind, using his grass hat to cover the Buddha image.

The Buddha, using his celestial eye, saw this good mind, praising it, saying: “Good ear, good ear. It is rare for you to be so poor and yet not forget to give alms. I will let you be the king of the human world once in the next life.” It is for that reason that in this life, Your Majesty has received this blessing.”

When Emperor Wu heard this, he was happy in his heart, thinking: “One grass hat can already be made an emperor, in this life, it is not difficult for me to create greater blessings.”

So Emperor Luong Vo lowered the saint to all the world: “Five miles to build an am, 10 miles to build a pagoda”.

After a while, Emperor Luong Vo, on the contrary, became seriously ill, so he went to ask the monk Chi Cong: “This lady does great good deeds these days, builds pagodas everywhere, and is currently creating great charity, why is she being bullied? severe illness?”

Chi Cong replied: “In a previous life, His Majesty used his grass hat to cover the Buddha image, it was unintentionally giving generously, thus achieving great happiness. But now he is doing it for the sake of his or her wishes, giving a projection to the whole world, building pagodas everywhere, making people in the world because in order to build a temple for His Majesty, everyone suffers and everyone works hard. Just making people tired to death, I don’t know how much. Therefore, the army and people in the world complained. Although he is the true destiny of the Son of Heaven, he cannot resist the resentment of thousands of people. Hence it is said that this time he gave alms, in fact creating karma.”

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After hearing this, Emperor Wu was extremely embarrassed, then asked the teacher: “This lady’s crown prince has pimples all over his body, restless night and day, I don’t know what is the reason?”

Chi Cong said: “This is all karma of the Emperor related to the Crown Prince.”

Portrait painting of Luong Vo Emperor Tieu Dien. (Public domain photo)

It can be seen that it is not simple for a person to have the “true destiny of the Son of Heaven” and ascend to the supreme throne. The ancients had the concept that: “a bowl of rice and water are all predestined”, kings are all due to the accumulation of great virtue from previous lives, not just because of their talents or conditions on the surface or in the past. in the present life. However, if a king does not accumulate virtue or create blessings for all peoples, or even create karma, they will no longer enjoy that blessing in their next life, and their descendants will even have to pay for their karma. similar to the case of Luong Vo De. After all, it comes from the word “virtue” and “destiny” has a close relationship with “virtue”.

Tuong Hoa

Author: Thai Nguyen – epochtimes.comDocumentation source:– History– Long Thanh Luc– Song history– Luong Vo De asked Chi Cong Zen master of cause and effect scriptures

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