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Instructions to customize K-Lite software (Media Player Classic) – The best and most popular movie viewing software today

Version:There are 2 commonly used versions of Media Player Classic, which are Media Player Classic – Home Cinema and Media Player Classic – Black EditionInterface of 2 versions:Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

Features & Download LinkIn terms of functionality, these 2 versions have almost no difference. When fully installed the necessary packages, we can play all video formats with pretty good picture and sound quality. However, each version has some disadvantages of its own:1. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema some codecs are missing to play 100% of the video format, so it comes with a full codec pack K-Lite Mega Codec Pack , this codec pack includes the latest version of mpc-hc and the Media Preview video thumbnail display module. This codec pack is quite diverse with high customizability, suitable for professional usersDownload the full codec pack K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 100% Video format support and software integration MPC-HC Latest version at home page: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/k_lite_mega_codec_pack.htm 2. Media Player Classic – Black Edition is a mode version with a pretty interface and has fully integrated common codecs to be able to watch all video formats with available customization, but this version does not have integrated Media Preview that you must Download and install individually here: http://www.babelsoft.net/products.htm Download Media Player Classic – Black Edition The latest version is at the home page /http://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/Please take a look at the computer repair service Ours include: Computer repair at home | Computer Repair | Cheap computer repair HCM | Computer Repair HCM | Computer Repair PRESTIGE HCM | Good luck with the army Customize Media Player Classic – Home CinemaVersion Media Player Classic – Black Edition has integrated and customized available codecs so that users can enjoy videos with pretty good quality, this version does not need to be customized and has been set by default, if you are an amateur user, you should Download this version and just enjoy ^^ In this section, I only guide customization in the version Media Player Classic – Home Cinema integrated in K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (For advanced users)I. VIDEO PLAYBACK OVERVIEW. You are watching: What is Lav audio decoder?First, a video file includes the following components:

Like the above model, if you want to playback any video file, you must have software to separate the parts contained in the container into separate components: Video, Audio, Etc. This component is called Splitter. After separating the components contained in the container, we get its separate components (one or more Video, Audio, Subtitle …), we continue to have software to decode the components. what’s in it for the computer to understand. This component is a Decoder. Then, when decoded, the individual components will be transferred to another part to convert what it decodes into images and sounds for display. This component is the Renderer. In short, when the computer plays back video, it will perform the following sequence:

II. LEARN ABOUT MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC – HOME CINEMAWe will go through the items in order.

Watching: What is Lav?

1. Player:This section is basically quite simple, I just mentioned the interesting and interesting options:

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Little Girl Temple – a famous temple sacred to pray for fortuneKeys:This is the place to customize the shortcuts for your MPC-HC, some of the shortcuts I use are F1 and F2 used to delay(-/+) subtitle.

2. Playback: As mentioned in part 1, this is where to choose the Renderer component. Currently, there are not too many Renderers for us to choose from, and because Renderer is an important factor determining image quality as well as soundis output, so we should think carefully when choosing renderer. Of course we also have to choose depending on the PC hardware because when choosing Renderer too much compared to the processor, stuttering, stuttering is what will happen. out.So what renderer to choose now: Renderer madVR and is currently appreciated by many people for its quality, but everything has its price, to run madVR you need 1GPU powerful enough (at least graphics card with) full D3D9 / PS3.0 hardware support) , details you can refer to madVR’s website. Another very good renderer is Enhanced Video Renderer. In the framework of this article, I only present Renderer Enhanced because of hardware limitations on my PC.Here we choose Enchanced Video Renderer, if you have madVR installed, there will be this option here. And note that madVR currently only supports X86 version, if you install MPC-HC X64 even though madVR is installed it will not show up in this section.

Fullscreen:And since in this article we will use our own Splitter and Decoder, we all Uncheck it. If for some reason, you want to Decode any codec format using MPC-HC’s tool, you can check that section here.

Audio Switcher:

See more:

What is margarine?Now to the Decoder section, there are 2 categories Video and Audio: Video:

you can choose the decoder you like, FFDSHOW Video Decoder or LAV Video Decoder.

See also: What is Preparing in English? Definition of Prepare in Lac Vietnamese DictionaryHere I use FFDSHOW decode format H264 and VC-1 and LAV Decode other formats.So I will Add Filter FFDSHOW Video Decoder and LAV Video Decoder as Prefer.Similarly, if you want to edit the filter, double click and filter it.

FFDSHOW we have the following:On the left is the format we want FFDSHOW decode, on the right is the type of decoder we want it to use. Here I decode with Intel QuickSync which is the technology of Intel GPU to GPU decode.

LAV Video Decoder:These are the types of formats that you want to decode with the LAV Video Decoder. Check the format you want. However, if MPC-HC decode is not as expected, always remember the order of selection of MPC-HC mentioned above.You can see that the H264 format is selected for FFDSHOW and LAV VIDEO DECODER decode, but because I have set Prefer and Set in the same order as shown (FFDSHOW above LAV Video Decoder in the filter section), FFDSHOW will be prioritized for format processing. H264.

Do the same for the Audio section (I mainly use AC3-Filter)5.Subtitles: Resolution of sub: Desktop (equivalent to your desktop resolution or more for sub render for clarity, you can customize here).Override placement:

Turn off Default Styles: Customize the sub display position here. Remember to turn off Position sub relative to video frame and combine

turn off Override placement

to display sub to black prize if any.

Remember to turn off the Position Subtitle Relative to Video Frame option and adjust the bottom parameter to sub to black.

See also: Golden Money Tree / Golden Fortune Tree, Golden Money Locust Tree


Because I use Windows X64, WMP has 2 columns for 2 versions, X86 and X64.

You can use Filter Direct VobSub to display sub with WMP as below:

Install software Gemvision Matrix 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0Review post Instructions for Installing Gemvision Matrix software 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, provide…

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