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Agarwood – the pride of Vietnam’s nature. We often come across Agarwood, Agarwood incense, Agarwood bracelets and billions of other things. But if you ask what is Agarwood, probably not 3 people have the correct answer. But as a Vietnamese, we must know the product that carries the spirit of our country’s culture to promote it to friends everywhere! Let’s find out together

What is frankincense?

Those who start playing Agarwood must ask themselves the question what is Agarwood and find the answer to that question. People still think that Agarwood is a “product” born from the wound of the Do Bau tree. But the fact is that not every Do Bau tree can produce Agarwood. So what are the characteristics or special features of Do trees that give birth to Agarwood?

In nature, there are several species of Dó (Aquilaria) and the nature of those species is the Agarwood family. During the process of development, they have suffered from the effects of nature for a long time, then accumulated inside an amount of oil and then gradually spread and changed the wood particles into many colors, aromas or flavors. other shape. Over decades, some species take hundreds of years to form Agarwood. Because only a few species of Do Bau have the ability to accumulate into Agarwood, Agarwood is very rare.

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Agarwood trees with Agarwood often have an extremely fibrous appearance, the body has a tumor, a hump, some trees are borer, termite mounds are closed or are bombarded to look very weak. However, this is the characteristic for those who go on a sling to find agarwood (Phu Tram) to find Agarwood in any Do tree. If you go to Do forest for the first time and have no experience with what the characteristics of Agarwood are, it is very difficult to detect.

What is Agarwood Wood?

Do Bau forest

Ecological characteristics of Agarwood wood:

The height is about 20 – 30m; The diameter of the trunk is about 60 – 80cm.

What are the characteristics to identify Agarwood wood?

The trunk is straight, the trunk often has many grooves like the trough. Do Bau trees with Agarwood often have smooth, gray-brown bark, white bark containing many fibers. The branches of Agarwood trees are very slender, curved and characteristic light brown color, the foliage is sparse. Agarwood trees also have flowers! Flowers grow in canopy-shaped clusters or clusters of many flowers growing in the leaves. At the end of the flower and bell-shaped calyx, ash white with 5 lobes and 10 skirts, the ovary is egg-shaped with thick hairs. Agarwood fruit is about 4cm long and 2cm thick. Each fruit has 2 seeds and usually ripens in June and July.

What is Agarwood Acceleration?

How many types of frankincense? Basically, Agarwood is divided into 3 types: Ky Nam, Agarwood and Agarwood. The quality is also according to the màn chơi listed above, meaning that Agarwood is the lowest quality of the 3 types of natural Agarwood, so the price of Agarwood is the cheapest.

So what are the characteristics of Agarwood with the lowest price? The first is because the amount of essential oil in Tram Toc is low, the oil only alternates along the long veins of the wood grain. However, Toc still retains the same value as other types of Agarwood. Tac has the ability to create a pleasant scent, you will feel relaxed and comfortable with the signature scent of Toc.

What is Toc Kien Agarwood?

Toc Kien is classified as Agarwood type 2. Do you know why it is called Agarwood Toc Kien? Because on Toc Kien’s body there are holes, the caves are made by ants to form a nest. People carrying Tram often say “Nhat Ky, Nhi Kien”. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality of Toc Kien is not less than that of Ky Nam.

What are the unique characteristics of Toc Kien compared to others among the Agarwood species? While Agarwood type 1 is completely submerged Agarwood, Toc Kien belongs to the semi-submersible category. In Toc Kien is also divided into many subtypes such as:

Green Agarwood: formed from the trunk of Do Bau tree, dark green and hard; Tram Kien Kim: small, flat ridges, looks like sewing needles; Tram Kien Diep: softer body than Green Toc Kien but has a lot many forms; Tram Kien Vuong Lau: ants eat on the body of Do Bau along the ridges shaped like a floor, at first glance will look very similar to the walls of a house; Tram Kien Lo: ants make holes inside the intestines of Do Bau to form Agarwood. Incense; Agarwood (Agarwood) Gai: also known as Agarwood (Truong Lao) or Kien Ong. Ants will eat in the middle of the intestines of the Do tree to form veins; Agarwood ants Den Dup: Agarwood is only at two ends, the middle is all rice. Some people also call this type of Agarwood as Kien Ta Ha; White Agarwood: this type has a much higher price because of its better quality. The name is derived from the color of Agarwood.

Agarwood Cage Zin

What is Toc Banh Agarwood?

If Agarwood is the infection rate of Agarwood in the early stage on the trunk of the Do Bau tree, Agarwood has a stronger màn chơi of Agarwood infection, smoother oil texture. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between oiled and non-oiled fibers. The stage of Agarwood oil is not in each grain of wood but has spread out. That’s why the oil of Agarwood is usually smaller, but smoother and the color is more even because the oil is evenly coated.

How to distinguish Tram Toc Banh and Tram Toc:

Maybe after learning about the characteristics of both types of Agarwood, it is still quite vague to be able to distinguish the two types in reality. So, here are some tips to distinguish the regular Toc Banh and Tram Toc:

Scent: Toc Agarwood is less fragrant than Toc Banh agarwood, except for Toc Dau or Toc Huong, the scent is not inferior. In addition, the scent of Toc Banh is deeper and lasts longer because mixed with the characteristic smell of Agarwood, Agarwood, Toc Banh has more scent of musk or other flowers depending on the time. Light weight: Agarwood Agarwood usually heavier than Tram Toc because the amount of oil inside Tram Banh is more than Tram Toc. However, there are exceptions like Toc Da or if the Do Bau tree grows in a place with special soil and climate, Tram Toc can still be heavier than Tram Toc Banh.

What is Toc Bong Agarwood?

If you ask what the characteristics of Toc Bong Agarwood are and how is it different from the other Tocs, the first criterion is the color. The color of Toc Bong Agarwood is golden iridescent and sophisticated. Toc Bong’s Van is concentrated in large arrays, surrounding each other.

What is the effect of Toc Bong Agarwood Agarwood?

Disinfect, disinfect the surrounding air if steaming Tram Toc Bong in living space. At the same time, it attracts yang energy and fortune into the house, a place of business for the owner to sell expensive clothes, promote in his work; A valuable medicinal herb: Helps to calm, ward off evil spirits to help the owner have a good night’s sleep. Peace of mind, peace of mind.

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What is Agarwood Incense?

To find out what Agarwood is, we must understand what Agarwood is. Agarwood Agarwood is a type of Agarwood which is made from the resin of the Do tree in nature, there are many types of Agarwood, but the most popular are Agarwood and Agarwood:

Compared tamarind is the type that is harvested from the bark of the Do Bau tree. In order to obtain Agarwood, agarwood trees have to cut nearly 1 tonne of Do Bau tree to get 20kg of clean Agarwood. Comparative Agarwood is a type of Agarwood with high essential oil content, which is accumulated a lot in core, so the weight is quite heavy, making the whole block of wood can be submerged in water. Which experts assess that the type of Agarwood can be submerged in water and the deeper it sinks, the higher the value.

What are the unique characteristics of Agarwood and Sinks?

Weight: The weight of Agarwood is quite heavy, when holding it, it feels solid because the amount of oil is more than other types of Agarwood. It is also thanks to this feature that Agarwood (Agarwood) has higher durability and is characterized by good impact resistance; Scent: It is also the high content of essential oils, so the fragrance of Sanh San is clinging to. very long, denser than others;

Products created from Sunken Agarwood

Sunken Agarwood Bracelet: According to the spiritual concept, bracelets made from Agarwood Agarwood can pray for peace, pray for good luck and drive away evil spirits and negative energies surrounding the owner. The scent of Sunken Agarwood is very attractive; Sunken Agarwood Ring: The design process of sinking Agarwood Agarwood Ring is much more difficult than bracelets because of the more elaborate wood pressing process. Statue from Agarwood Agarwood: Made from very thin pressed Agarwood pieces, the thinner it is, the easier it is to bend and edge. Agarwood fan: In the world of graves, Agarwood is very fond of collecting interior items from Agarwood. , especially Agarwood incense sinks. People will press 2 pieces of Agarwood to sink and rotate both sides with lots of oil to make a propeller. It is certain that the fan from Agarwood (Agarwood) will bring a faint scent to help you feel more comfortable when stressed; Steam / Burn: People often use electric steam for submerged Agarwood because this method makes the smell better. and gives the ability to keep the fragrance longer. If smoked by traditional burning, the smoke and CO2 will lose the characteristic scent.

What is submerged incense?

When you drop a sample of Agarwood into the water, it is completely submerged in water instead of suspended like other types. Causes of Agarwood completely submerged in water:

Because the essential oil content is too large, greater than the density of water, they will be completely submerged in the water. More specifically, it has been measured that the amount of oil and essential oil in Agarwood must be at least 40% of the density of water to fully sink. The proportion of agarwood oil in the wood also determines the selling price of that part of Agarwood.

So the blocks of Agarwood can’t be completely submerged in water, it may be because there are hollow wood molecules with essential oil or little essential oil, making the wood monolith unable to sink or can only be submerged in water.

What is Ky Nam Agarwood?

Dubbed the king in all kinds of Agarwood. So what are the characteristics that make Ky Nam cost from a few hundred million to several billion compared to other types of Agarwood?

The oil content in Ky Nam is the largest; The rate to appear Ky Nam on Agarwood is extremely low. It is said that out of 1000 Do Bau trees, only 1 tree has agarwood, out of 10,000 trees with Agarwood, only about 1 tree has Ky Nam. But if there is Ky Nam, the Ky part is also lower than the Agarwood part; Ky Nam is heavier and harder; Ky Nam contains all the levels in his signature scent. You will feel the sweet, spicy, bitter, sour and a little bar mixed in; The smoke of Ky Nam is also very special, when burning or burning Ky Nam, the smoke will fly straight up into the sky.

Ky Nam is divided into 4 types with 4 distinct characteristics:

Hoang Ky: Agarwood has a yellow color, hard and heavy nature; Hac Ky Nam: Black like tar because the essential oil blends into each grain of wood, so this is also the reason for the name Hac Ky Nam; Thanh Ky: Yes purple-blue tint. In Thanh Ky, which has the least essential oil, the wood is somewhat dry and hard, and vice versa, which is more oily, the wood is softer; Bach Ky Nam: It is easy to guess the reason for the name Bach Ky for Agarwood. What is Ky Nam? That is the part of Agarwood with gray white color, soft wood substance containing many essential oils. If Ky Nam is already rare, then Bach Ky Nam is rare in the Ky Nam line, so finding the monolithic Bach Ky Nam is quite a challenge.

What is Mat Tu Agarwood?

If you are an Agarwood enthusiast, it is impossible not to know what the “reputation” of Mat Tu Agarwood is, right?

Tram Mat Tu is also known as Tram Oc Mac or Tram Mac Twist. The reason for this name is because for some reason the Do tree was injured at the tree’s eye position, forming Agarwood. It takes at least 1000 years to form Tram Mat Tu and it is very rare that the Do Bau tree is injured in the eye of the tree.

Mat Tu Agarwood has a high amount of essential oil, so high that some Agarwood tablets are completely submerged in water. In addition, the color and shape of Tram Mat Tu are very natural. The scent is light but not too harsh.

What is Agarwood Ruc?

Agarwood Ruc is the type that lies in the soil and rocks, those who want to find Agarwood have to search deep in the forests, even have to dig in the rotten wood piles of the dead Do trees to find it. out. From here, can you guess what is the process of forming Agarwood Ruc?

It is the accumulation in the perennial Do Bau trees and is buried inside the rock layer when the Do Bau tree dies, the special thing is that Tram Ruc has not decomposed even though it has had to go through many “ups and downs” from the time of death. natural influences. Finding Tram Ruc was so hard, so Tram Ruc’s value was relatively high.

The early 90s was the time when hunting for Agarwood began to be strong in Vietnam, so the price of Agarwood was only about 200,000 VND/kg. Over time, the demand for Agarwood is increasing, so the number of 200,000 years has multiplied dozens, hundreds of times and has become a rare and precious type of Agarwood.

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In short, yt2byt.edu.vn gave you the answer What is Agarwood? Is the process of forming and transforming the oil layer on the Do Bau tree. Grandparents often say “Taking wormwood to find agarwood”, meaning that the process of finding and exploiting Agarwood is extremely arduous. To find the precious Agarwood with high amount of essential oil and rare characteristics, one must go through many difficulties.

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