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IV- Should I buy a liquidated motorbike from the police? V- Tips to buy a cheap liquidated motorbike in HCM

If you find out about the service sale and liquidation of motorbikes , will see on the market today, looking to buy liquidated motorbikes is also being noticed by many people. Many good brothers have come to yt2byt.edu.vn to ask if they should buy a vehicle because the police liquidate motorbikes or not? And how is the service of liquidating pawn motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City? So today, we will give our analysis to make it easier for you to decide.

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I- What is liquidation motorbike?

What is a liquidation vehicle?

Liquidated vehicles are vehicles sold at a price (expensive to cheap – new to old) sold by the Ministry of Public Security, originating from the process of confiscating smuggled cars, undocumented vehicles, or violating motorbikes. Most cars, after being confiscated for a certain period of time, will be sold by the police to the public, but they do not have to be sold individually, but in batches. Therefore, there are often contractors that will auction with each other, the winning bidder will buy the whole lot, clean it up and sell it on the market.

II- What is a customs clearance vehicle?

What is a customs clearance motorbike?

Customs liquidation vehicle is illegally imported vehicle that is confiscated by customs and then liquidated on the market because the vehicle owner or importer does not pay a fine to retrieve the vehicle within the specified time. Most of the customs clearance vehicles are new, imported cars are very expensive. However, the price of the vehicle for customs clearance is only half the price or much lower than the actual value. There are even liquidated motorbikes for less than 100 million VND while the official selling price at the car dealership is up to several hundred million dong.

The police’s liquidated motorbikes are made with the same documents and papers as the official customs vehicle records that the buyer can use normally without worrying about legal issues. Can be circulated nationwide in 64 provinces and cities and can change the name properly.

When the Ministry of Public Security liquidates a motorbike, it will make the buyer a complete set of vehicle information including chassis number, cylinder capacity, vehicle name, vehicle model, along with a photo of the vehicle before liquidation is added. straight on file. The liquidation records to show any vehicle can only be transferred to that vehicle’s name.

Note: The records of liquidated motorbikes are managed by the province, not the district, the buyer who wants to register must bring it to the province to register, not register in the district, get the provincial number plate, and the address is still the same address. Only the owner’s car can still be obtained locally.

III- Documents of the vehicle for customs liquidation

The papers for the liquidation of the vehicle are the same as a regular lighter. There is only one point to identify the difference between the vehicle because the police liquidation of this motorbike is on the cavet, which will say: Vehicle confiscated, liquidated or confiscated. water, paper selling price.

In addition, the liquidation of motorbikes often has a lot of accompanying documents, including: minutes of confiscation of liquidated motorbikes, minutes of police liquidation of motorbikes, old cars being liquidated, etc.

And the transfer of the roaming name for liquidated motorbikes will often be more difficult than for ordinary cars. And when you meet the traffic police, it will be more difficult to check, but with a cheap price, buying a good car is worth a little effort.

IV- Should I buy a liquidated motorbike from the police?

When buying a motorbike, finance is the first thing that bikers think about. That is also the reason why car sales are so popular. In fact, buying a liquidated motorbike not only saves costs but also brings many other benefits. If you need to buy a cheap liquidation car, let’s sendory.vn find out.

1. Buy a liquidated car to reduce costs

If you need a means of transportation, motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City are the optimal choice to save a large amount of money for you. If you find the right place to liquidate pawn motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City, you both have a car to go and ensure that your life is not difficult because you have to lose a large amount of money. To buy a cheap liquidation motorbike, you only need to save about 4-6 months to be able to buy it. The price of the liquidated car is extremely suitable for students or low-income workers.

After all, for many people, motorbikes are just a means of commuting. It is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money to own a car. The police’s liquidated motorbike is always a more reasonable and right choice for everyone.

If you want to know which cars are suitable for the amount of money available, please call yt2byt.edu.vn immediately for advice. Because we are loyal friends, we always support and answer questions enthusiastically during the process of choosing and using used motorbikes purchased at yt2byt.edu.vn.

2. Using liquidated cars and motorbikes for customs clearance as a means of livelihood

When using cheap liquidated motorbikes, you will not have to have a psychological obstacle to keeping the car as new as if it just came out of the showroom. People can freely use their old cars to transport goods on rough roads and potholes without hesitation. You will be less “heartbroken”, because the cost of buying a liquidated car is not as high as a new car. In a way, buying a new car is to “serve” him, and buying a used car is to earn money to support himself.

If you use a liquidated old car to commute to work, in just one year, you will have refunded the car purchase capital. And if you use a new car, you still have to worry about “slapping” the beauty, sometimes it costs even more after buying it. In short, the value of the new car is so great that people are shy in turning the car into an “iron buffalo” for a living. This is the reason that many students and workers in Vietnam choose to buy cheap liquidation cars.

However, buying a liquidated car is very easy to be deceived and easily entangled in illegal activities. yt2byt.edu.vn will share tips to help you avoid regrets later, please pay close attention to not regret.

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V- Tips to buy cheap liquidation motorbikes in HCM

Buy a cheap liquidation car in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Buy a car to liquidate the police at a cheap price of a few million, does it run well?

The quality depends on the vehicle being confiscated, it can be a assembled car, a fully imported car or a car that has been disassembled to life…. If you want to buy a good car, the buyer must be familiar with the car, if you know how to look at the car, you will be able to buy a good old car, if you are lucky, you can still bring back the car to liquidate the original imported goods.

Currently, just go online to search for “buy cheap liquidation car”, you will get massive results. Among them, there will be evil tricksters waiting for you to put your head in the basket. By tricking car buyers to the location where the criminals are scheduled to meet, they will have the opportunity to perform acts such as pepper spray, serious injuries to rob money and property, which can be life-threatening.

Don’t be fooled by scammers’ eye-catching images and sweet price quotes. Please “cheat your back” with the tips for buying and selling liquidated cars below so as not to be confused by the countless results you find.

2. Find and buy a liquidated car in a reputable place to have full documents

Using an undocumented vehicle is against the law and can result in fines. Need to find a shop selling liquidated motorbikes with full papers and certificates of liquidation from the Ministry of Public Security and Customs. Some documents needed when buying and selling used motorbikes that you remember to check are:

– Minutes of confiscation of liquidated vehicles

– Minutes of the vehicle being liquidated by the police

– Papers of the old car being liquidated with the origin of the confiscated or confiscated vehicle are transferred to the public fund

– Is the identity card of the car seller correct with the vehicle document?

– Original household registration book of the car seller

Certificate of marital status: single or marriage certificate to avoid future civil disputes

– Notarized car sales contract

– If the buyer and seller are in different provinces, they need to withdraw the original vehicle documents

– If you want to change the name, you need to pay the 2nd registration tax for the car (1% of the value of the car).

– If the place of purchase and sale is not capable of doing so, you need to go to the traffic police of the District or the District to complete the vehicle registration procedures.

Finding a reputable car sales source to keep the complete documents in hand is an essential thing to do. Don’t let go at this step lest you have to face the law later, it’s very troublesome. Please register to buy a liquidated old car at yt2byt.edu.vn and reduce your worries. In order for customers not to tire of working just because they want a car, yt2byt.edu.vn will deliver car sales contracts, vehicle registration papers, license plates and valid documents to you right after buying. In addition, we also support the fastest “change of name” thanks to more than 9 years of working experience in the field of used motorbikes.

3. Going to the place of selling motorbikes to liquidate HCM

Please go to the car dealership to check the car carefully before buying. If it has too many scratches or the car’s condition is not good, it needs to be reconsidered. A lot of doctors rely on buying a car that doesn’t cost much, so they skip the careful inspection, but that subjectivity may make you regret it later. Not only looking at the big picture, it is necessary to examine the details carefully. Because there are many cars that look luxurious on the outside, but in fact, they are replaced with jagged accessories, and after a few days, they have to spend a lot of money to repair.

4. Absolutely do not transfer the entire amount before completing the procedure

Some scam places will ask you to give all the money before the procedure and then “disappear”, causing the bikers to lose all that money. Remember, absolutely do not transfer 100% of the cost in advance to the car seller, to avoid the case that the car is not available, and the seller is no longer a trace.

Hearing that, are you afraid that if you go to buy a used car, you will be scammed but still haven’t completed the procedure? Oh don’t worry, buy a motorbike to liquidate HCMC at yt2byt.edu.vn, you just need to transfer part of the deposit, and give the rest after yt2byt.edu.vn has completed all the necessary papers. Customers are not satisfied with the product, we dare not accept money. More specifically, yt2byt.edu.vn also supports you enthusiastically in applying for car loans at reputable banks.

5. Buy and then keep

Remember the saying, “buy and then keep”, because wealth is durable. You can use your old car to make money, but you also have to know how to maintain it.

To maintain at home, you need to complete the following steps:

– Car wash: Use specialized soap, and a soft cloth to avoid damaging the paint.

– Replace components: Replace components after running 6000 – 8000 km, including spark plugs, air filter, rear tire oil.

Battery maintenance: It is necessary to check the solution level of the battery periodically. The electrodes need to be kept clean, to avoid mottling. When the engine is weak, you need to bring the car to charge the battery immediately.

Check tires and brake pads: Tires should be checked regularly and replaced as soon as there are signs of wear. Check the brakes regularly, if the brakes are hard, they need to be fixed in time. Change brake fluid after running 20,000 km or after 2 years of running.

– Oil change: Change oil after 1000km. Use a “genuine” professional lubricant as recommended by the company.

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If you want to ask a repair shop, you need to find a reputable place to not be “boiled”. Moreover, please refer to the maintenance price, lest you lose money unjustly.

Please contact yt2byt.edu.vn immediately to enjoy super preferential after-sales service: Buy a liquidated used motorbike at yt2byt.edu.vn will be maintained and maintained for free within 2 months. In particular, we have a super nice car decal sticker service for those who need it. Durable goods are made by people, durable cars are thanks to you choosing yt2byt.edu.vn!

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