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Những câu nói hay về đạo làm con

The merits of parents are like the sky and the sea, how can they be counted? It is also thanks to our father and mother that we are in this world, so let’s live to deserve what our parents have sacrificed for us. In today’s article, TRƯỜNG THPT TRẦN HƯNG ĐẠO would like to share with you some good sayings about parenting, let’s read and pay attention.

  1. If one day I lose all of this life, I just need to have my mother, lost material things can still find and lose my mother, then I know where to look.
  2. Only parents are the ones who give you everything, without expecting anything in return.
  3. Even if the earth changes shape, even though life has thousands of pain, no matter where you go on all roads, parents will always be the ones you love the most.
  4. There are new parents. Live to be worthy of being a child.
  5. Looking at his parents, bitter tears choked. Today tears flowed, grateful to my parents, all my life.
  6. No matter how bad your character is, don’t forget to pay filial piety to your parents.
  7. Parents do not regret words of love for their children. And you give sweet words to strangers. In fact, no one outside needs, only parents wait a lifetime for a sentence.
  8. Even though you grow up, you are still your mother’s child, and you will follow me for the rest of your life.
  9. Behind the glamor of some children is the hard work of PARENTS!
  10. Father is mountain, mother is river! Filial children remember their birth.
  11. Father means support, my whole life is full of love. Mother means forever, is to give never to take back. Child means to warm parents’ hearts when lonely.

  1. Whoever comes back, I will send the betel nut. / The front room respects the mother, the back room respects the teacher.
  2. A mother is someone who can replace everyone else, but no one can replace her.
  3. Father is mountain, mother is river! Filial children remember their birth.
  4. Although parents’ feelings for their children are different, in the end they all want us to become useful people to society, grow up, and learn many good things. Parents spend their whole life taking care of their children, hoping for the best future for their children.
  5. Go back and hug your parents while you still can. No one loves me more than my parents.
  6. You can be uncertain because of anything in this chaotic world, except mother’s love.
  7. Life is full of heat. Looking at his parents, bitter tears choked. Tears flowed today. Grateful to my parents, all my life.
  8. One more person, the earth will be tight, but without a mother, the world is full of tears.
  9. And mom and dad are happy. I lost my father, I lost my mother.
  10. Parents give me grace, make children filial to become friends. Study diligently, do not be greedy, live full of humanity to please people.
  11. You are busy at work, not or your parents are sick at home. If you know it, it’s also a common cold. But if you stumble, your parents are ready to give up all running, and feel sorry for the child to the bone.
  12. A mother’s heart is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.
  13. Mommy! It means forever giving and never receiving.
  14. Did the parents promise each other from a previous life. Carving the image of a child with a human heart intact.
  15. Don’t play when your mother is still miserable, don’t compete when your father sweats.

  1. The first words uttered were father and mother. That is the decisive moment they will stay in your heart forever.
  2. Hope everyone is full of skepticism. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your parents. Don’t cry when you die. A tray full of offerings for the flies.
  3. The stork wings carry the sun and the rain, my mother carries all four seasons of wind and dew.
  4. A mother’s love is like sunshine, sweet and conspicuous, a father’s love is like the night sky, silent but very deep…
  5. Living lavishly with the money of parents’ blood and blood is a thoughtless child.
  6. Van ancient is deeply indebted to chrysanthemum / Thien Thu means that the virtue is born.
  7. Mother’s back is increasingly curved, making her body smaller, is it because the burden of life keeps falling on her shoulders.
  8. We never know the immense love that our parents have for us until we become real mothers and fathers.
  9. My mother is neither beautiful nor elegant. Rain and sunshine spend a lifetime for you.
  10. No one loves you unilaterally forever, because all relationships in the world need two-way. Parental love is different. If you are still searching for “true love”, then stop because you were born with it.
  11. Eat the fruit three times to know the fruit is delicious. Have you grown up or your mother’s heart?
  12. When you look into your mother’s eyes, you will see the purest thing you can find in this world.
  13. The grace of birth is like the ocean. The meaning of raising young children is high.
  14. There are two unforgettable kisses in life, the first kiss given to a lover and the last kiss of a mother.
  15. You do a great job, looking back, your parents are not good at anything. In fact, if they weren’t good, they wouldn’t have you today. Remember, in society, no matter how big you are, when you come home, you are still just a baby to your parents.
  16. The language of the world is like a torn bag, full of stars with two mother and father voices.

  1. One can buy all but father and mother.
  2. It’s very difficult for people to eat. Where is the mother just sitting down to eat.
  3. The happiness of parents is very small, they just want to see their children obedient and successful. Bad, demanding children are the ones who dig their parents’ graves.
  4. Don’t complain or be ashamed of what your parents gave you…. They tried to have the best for you.
  5. Only parents can love their children unconditionally… While the whole world must have conditions to love their children.
  6. Behind the storm, parents are home.
  7. Mother loves me with sweet milk, father loves me with salty sweat…
  8. Holding the mother’s daughter, counting the stars in the sky, counting for a long time without end.
  9. Mom, tears are in line. I wish my parents well every day. Even if heaven and earth change. With children, parents are with them all day.
  10. A mother’s love for her child is unlike anything else in the world. It knows no law or pity. It defies all and uncompromisingly destroys all that stands in its way.
  11. I just wish I couldn’t pull out any gray hair, to know that you will still be with me, long, long…
  12. You get annoyed when you show your dad how to use a smartphone. Old-fashioned people don’t even know a little bit of technology. But your father has been patient for years to teach you every word.
  13. Parents are the first teachers to teach us how to live.
  14. The immense sea is not full of mother’s love / The sky is full of clouds that do not cover the father.
  15. Being beaten by your parents once, you remember when you were an adult, blaming them for being too strict. But children argue, upset their parents a hundred times, they are still tolerant.
  16. She can forgive all the mistakes we make, and also never mentions the mistakes we have made, even if one or more times we have been wrong.
  17. The gift of nurturing a child’s life. The meaning of being born in a lifetime is never forgotten.

  1. A mother always gives her children the sweetest and most tender thing, but a father brings a completely different feeling. They can be very strict, dry with you but always want you to be the best, give the best for you.
  2. My mother is neither beautiful nor elegant. Rain and sunshine spend a lifetime for you.
  3. Parents do not care about justice, what they want is peace and happiness for their children.
  4. I am far away from all over the world. My father and mother will never forget it.
  5. Never forget your parents because they are the reason you are here and who you are in this society.
  6. Love your parents, don’t keep it in your heart. Show it off while you can.
  7. The hustle and bustle of life makes you not have much time for your parents. You are too pursuing your passion that you forget that your parents need you by your side. Slow down, spend time with your parents. Don’t let when you turn around and don’t see your parents anymore you will regret it.
  8. The father of a thousand years of thought and thought of his mother, forever remembering and loving him.
  9. Grateful birth is like a mountain. Mom and Dad are the Saints of my life. Even if you go far away. The word Hieu is here forever kept round.
  10. Parents are like an ATM, letting you withdraw money anywhere, like a bank, letting you borrow money all the time. But ATMs still charge fees, banks still charge interest, parents do not.
  11. No one loves you unilaterally forever, because all relationships in the world need two-way. Parental love is different. If you are still searching for “true love”, then stop because you were born with it.
  12. The East Sea is sometimes full, but the heart of the parents and the sea does not rise.
  13. Tao frequency early the day the mother raised her child to grow up. Take the father’s thin back to protect his son’s life.
  14. Young people, everyone wants to get rid of their parents’ arms as soon as possible. But when you grow up, you will know, going to hundreds of places, there is no place like home, meeting thousands of people, no one is as good as your parents.

  1. Rich parents, leisurely children. Poor parents and children work hard. Don’t make your children lament, Must understand parents’ hardships.
  2. Public father, mean mother, thank you teacher. What does it mean to miss the days of dreaming.
  3. Parents near the earth, far from heaven, If a son is filial to the sky, pray for them. Kindness must be returned, living a life of value is happy.
  4. Honor the ancestors and the family. Gratitude to parents means birth.
  5. Because of the mother’s suffering, there are many wrinkles around her eyes.
  6. Pray for your father to rest in peace. Wish your mother a happy old age.
  7. You become the brightest diamond in life, remember that your parents had to be very cruel to themselves for you to be where you are today.
  8. Father is the shadow of a tall tree, protecting children from the hardships of life.
  9. The hardships my mother never told. My mother’s troubles have never been said. The lonely mother always hides in her heart, all for you, only for you.
  10. No one cares about you more than your mother. And when she left, the world also became unstable, everything just got messed up. There’s no one left in this world who loves you since you were born, knows why you cry, knows if you’re full or not, knows what to say when you’re sad and cheers for you.
  11. Later, when I grew up, I knew that the words that my mother taught me that I hated the most, and that bothered me the most, were all true.
  12. Do not squander when the family is in need. Don’t be filial to your parents for money.
  13. Thank you mom for giving me life. The mother’s life burden was suffering because of her children. The grace of giving birth to a child, please remember. I will never forget it for the rest of my life!
  14. You can fool a few people all of the time and you can fool everyone a few times but you can’t fool mom.
  15. Old mother and father keep looking forward, Even if the child grows up, he still does not change his mind. Still a pure white child, For parents to embrace.

  1. Father’s love is high and wide. Sacrificing your life for the sake of your children. Curved back shoulder shirt worn enough. Father’s love is warmer than the afternoon sun.
  2. Those who still have parents in the world should take care of them without saying why. No matter what parents do, it’s because we don’t remember the answer.
  3. Parents who raise children all their lives do not expect anything filial piety. As a child, don’t just live to show off your face with friends, but forget about your old, sick and lonely parents, needing sincere care and support. Don’t wait until you lose your parents to regret it, because it’s all too late.
  4. Old people are easy to forget, don’t blame anger, don’t be sad. Elderly people walking and leaning, must know how to support and not bother scolding.

Above are good sayings about parenting that TRƯỜNG THPT TRẦN HƯNG ĐẠO wants to convey to you. Let’s take a moment each day to pray for our parents to have a happy, healthy and peaceful life for the rest of their lives because their whole lives have had to sacrifice so much for you to be where you are today.

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