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Phụ nữ là gì? Giá trị của phụ nữ thế nào?

What are women? What is the value of women?

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What is the Women’s Wiki? What is the value of women?

Phụ nữ là gì? Trị giá của phụ nữ thế nào?

Women are an important and indispensable part since the existence of human society. Anyone can roughly understand “woman” or “female” to refer to people of the female sex in general. So understand what a woman is, what is it? different from girls?

1. What is a woman?

Woman in English is Women and is a term commonly used in many contexts. Let’s find out what is a woman?

1.1. What is the concept of women?

Woman is a word for the gender of a person, specifically it is one of the words to refer to the female gender.

In fact, the word woman is appropriately used to replace words with similar meanings in a given context.

– Women: used to refer to adults

– Girls: used to refer to young or youthful girls.

However, in some cases, the word woman, is used to refer to the female sex, regardless of age? For example “women’s rights”, “women’s day”, but sometimes in specific circumstances, women are not suitable to use.

In short, woman can be understood as a word used to refer to a woman, an adult or a married person. Most of the sisters are experienced, mature and have a lot of life experiences.

1.2. Biological characteristics of women

Normally, a woman carrying two X chromosomes is capable of becoming pregnant and giving birth from puberty until menopause.

Anatomy of female genitalia to distinguish it from men, women almost have: fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, vulva, etc.

Compared to men, the female pelvis is also wider. Women are shorter and less muscular than men.

1.3. Alternative words for women

The substitution of the word substitute may apply in a number of appropriate contexts.

Other alternative words:

– “Woman”: when the speaker uses this word, it means showing an unfriendly attitude. In the word used, there is the word “herd”. Used to refer to a herd, herd lifestyle and depending on the attitude of the speaker, sometimes it also shows discrimination against women.

When hearing the word “woman” people easily associate the bad sides and typical negative things commonly found in women.

– “Daughter”: meaning gentle, used to refer to young women, maybe teenagers, young people, sometimes unmarried women.

The word “daughter” is commonly used, in a casual manner, without negative, offensive or otherwise.

In addition, there are some other words like “mu”, “thi” … to refer to female subjects, but they are rarely used.

2. When do girls become women?

Becoming a woman is not overnight, overnight, but a process. And this process will help a person have valuable experiences, orient themselves in the future.

There is no specific age limit to distinguish women from girls. But it is possible to distinguish when in direct contact, through their behavior and behavior, they can also know that it is a woman or a girl.

A girl can be considered a woman when:

2.1. Mentally mature

This has to do with how you think and feel about yourself. This is a process that takes a lot of a girl’s time and effort.

The psycho-spiritual journey of man is a path of balance. Mental maturity makes us deeper psychologically. Spiritual maturity involves the growth of inner wisdom to be able to face all the positives and negatives, and to miễn phí oneself from fears, hatreds and fears. . grief and insecurity.

Specifically, when angry or sad, women can be sad and cry, but they know how to control their emotions to become calm and see things more objectively.

But girls when angry will often show their attitude, sometimes even sulking like a child, or they show behavior that doesn’t care about other people’s moods.

Women also often think more thoughtfully about taking care of the family, but girls don’t think much about having to take care of someone.

Women also often attach importance to health, self-conscious health is a valuable asset. Girls often “let loose” themselves.

2.2. Physically mature

Puberty is a period of biological development that changes a child’s body into an adult, a girl into a woman, and a boy into a man. Puberty is a process that leads to many physical and emotional changes in a girl’s body.

Puberty usually begins between the ages of 8 and 13, and can last up to 6 years.

Puberty is when a person’s body changes from a child to an adult, girls become women, boys become men. The changes of puberty take place gradually both internally and externally.

The years of being a woman will be exciting, but also difficult. Many people feel stressed by body changes such as weight gain, skin changes, new curves and growth in height.

3. What is the value of women?

Women have always been a large force, playing an important role and making great contributions to the construction of society.

The role of women is not only expressed in any aspect but in all areas of life.

If the family is likened to the cell of society, women are considered the nucleus of this cell.

What is a wife?

Vietnamese women have made great contributions to the cause of national liberation struggle, building the country with a thousand years of civilization, creating the traditional identity of the Vietnamese nation in general, the tradition of Vietnamese women. Male. especially as the 8 golden words Uncle Ho gave: “heroic, indomitable, loyal, brave”.

In the feudal society, women stood up to lead the national liberation uprising, typically the Hai Ba Trung uprising (Truong Trac and Trung Nhi) in the spring of the year of the Rat (40 AD).

Women have demonstrated a comprehensive leadership role, while promoting their capacity and dignity.

Women have played a role in the fight against foreign aggression of the Vietnamese nation. The most vibrant and powerful can be said to be in the South, during the period of resistance against America to save the country. During the years of the resistance war against the US, to save the country, women have affirmed one thing that, in society, they can do everything like men. They play an important role in the guerrilla militia.

Continuing the old women’s tradition, in the trend of integration and development, Vietnamese women continue to overcome all prejudices, difficulties and challenges, make many positive contributions in social activities, maintain influence in many fields such as state management, poverty alleviation, building a happy and prosperous family, preventing social evils, etc.

Many women have become talented politicians, scientists, and managers, active in fields that were previously reserved for men. Many people participate in meaningful volunteer activities, as well as entertainment activities, promoting the image of Vietnam to other countries.

To affirm her value, role, capacity and creativity in all areas of social life, it requires women to make efforts in many aspects, including knowledge, culture and skills. the ability to live independently; able to face all pressures, difficulties and rise up…

In addition, women also have to know how to properly arrange social work and family work.

Women also have the role of “keeping the fire”, balancing and regulating relationships in the family. It can be said that the family is warm, happy or not largely thanks to the ingenuity of the woman.

Although today is the age of modern technology and technology, which has partly reduced women’s labor, they still have to shoulder the main chores of housework, cooking, and raising children. also take care of the spiritual life of all family members.

In the trend of integration and development, Vietnamese women have been and continue to assert and promote their roles and positions. With the growing economy, women have more and more opportunities to participate in the market economy. It means that men are responsible for sharing the housework with women, women also have more time for themselves and can participate in many other activities.

4. Benefits for female employees only

Not only being equal to men in all fields, but the law also has special priority regimes for female workers only. As follows:

What is a wife?

– Gynecological examination once a year

Pursuant to the provisions of Clauses 1 and 2, Article 21 of the Law on Occupational Safety and Health; Clause 1, Article 80 of Decree No. 145/2020/ND-CP, employees are entitled to a periodical health check-up at least once a year. During periodical medical examination, if a female employee is a female employee, she must have a gynecological examination according to the list of gynecological examination promulgated by the Ministry of Health.

– Rest 30 minutes/day during menstruation

Female employees during menstruation are entitled to a 30-minute break per day, which is counted in working hours and is fully paid according to the labor contract (according to Clause 4, Article 137 of the Labor Code 2019, Clause 3, Article 80 of Decree No. 145. / Year 2020). / ND-CP)

The number of days of rest during menstruation shall be agreed upon by both parties, at least 03 working days/month.

If there is no need for leave and the consent of the employer is obtained, the female employee shall be paid an additional salary corresponding to the time off but still working.

– 60 minutes of rest/day when raising a baby under 12 months old

Female employees who are raising children under 1 year old (12 months old) are entitled to 60 minutes of rest/day during working time to breastfeed, express, store milk and rest. The time off is still entitled to full salary according to the labor contract (Clause 4, Article 137 of the Labor Code 2019 and Clause 4, Article 80 of Decree 145/2020 / ND-CP)

– Switching to lighter jobs while pregnant and raising a baby under 12 months old

Female employees engaged in heavy, hazardous or dangerous occupations or jobs, especially arduous, hazardous or dangerous jobs that adversely affect reproductive and child rearing functions must notify the employer. If the employee knows, he/she can switch to a lighter and safer job, but the salary and the employee’s rights and benefits will not be reduced until the end of the period of raising a child under 12 months old. (Clause 2, Article 137 of the Labor Code 2019)

– When you’re pregnant or nursing a small child, you don’t have to work nights, overtime, or go on a business trip.

An employer may not employ a female employee to work at night, work overtime or go on a business trip if that person:

+ Being pregnant from the 7th month or from the 6th month if working in remote, mountainous, border or island areas;

+ Are raising children under 12 months old, unless the employee agrees.

(Clause 1, Article 137 of the Labor Code 2019)

– Priority is given to entering into new labor contracts

In case the labor contract expires and the female employee is pregnant or nursing a child under 12 months old, she shall be given priority to enter into a new labor contract. (Clause 3, Article 137 of the Labor Code 2019)

– Not being disciplined while pregnant and raising children

Employers must not discipline pregnant employees; Maternity leave, nursing a child under 12 months old. (Point d, Clause 4, Article 122 of the Labor Code 2019)

– 6 months maternity leave before and after giving birth.

According to Article 139 of the Labor Code 2019:

Female employees are entitled to maternity leave before and 6 months after giving birth; the period of leave before giving birth shall not exceed 02 months.

In case female employees give birth to twins or more, from the second child onward, they are entitled to an additional 01 month of leave.

– Guaranteed job after maternity leave

Female employees must be guaranteed their old jobs when they quit their jobs after the prescribed time period expires and return to work without a reduction in wages and rights and benefits compared to before taking maternity leave.(Article 140 Labor Code 2019)

Article 137 of the Labor Code 2019 prohibits employers from firing or unilaterally terminating contracts with employees for reasons of marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, or raising children under 12 months of age.

In addition, female workers also have a number of other important rights such as:

– When pregnant, have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

– During pregnancy, the labor contract is temporarily suspended

– Equality in salary, bonus, promotion with male employees

– Enjoy maternity benefits…

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