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In 2007, the education policy of Ho Chi Minh City took the theme “Living responsibly” as the main theme for the school year, in order to help students practice their character, increase life skills, and a sense of responsibility. yes. When making argumentative essays, argumentative essays, many students are also asked to write about responsible lifestyles.

Therefore What is responsible living? Let’s find out through this article!

What is responsible living?

A responsibility is something that has to be done, shouldered, or assumed. Everyone is responsible because each person has a certain position in social relations such as family, clan, locality, collective, socio-political organization, citizen of a country, member of the majority of all nations and, by extension, of mankind.

Living responsibly is fulfilling obligations and obligations towards society, school, family and self…, dare to do, dare to take responsibility for one’s actions.

Responsible living is knowing how to behave properly, knowing the difference between right and wrong, knowing how to treat people, keeping promises, daring to do and bearing consequences, actively and voluntarily performing assigned tasks, taking initiative in Work. what needs to be done, do not avoid, indifferent or push responsibility to others, have a proper sense of their responsibilities in all positions and work positions.

Why live responsibly?

Clarify What is responsible living? Many people ask: Why live responsibly? Live responsibly by:

First: Responsible living is considered an ethical standard to assess the character and quality of each person

Monday: Responsible living is considered a beautiful lifestyle, a precious and necessary quality for every person, especially the young generation, the future owners of the nation.

Tuesday: Living responsibly is an act of affirming one’s self-worth, a fundamental and important signal of mass integration, helping society become better and the country growing richer and more progressive.

Wednesday: Responsible living is one of the important characteristics of successful people. “Once done, dare to take responsibility for what you do, not only gain the trust of others but also increase your self-worth. That will make it easier for you to be successful, rich, and have more quality relationships.

The manifestation of responsible living

To help you better understand What is responsible living? We offer the presentation of responsible living.

In each character is different, living responsibly has different specific manifestations such as:

First: For cadres, civil servants and people with other positions and powers

– Properly perform the obligations and responsibilities, but the party and the state authorize party members, do not avoid or avoid work as if there is a sense of responsibility in protecting the country when the country is in danger.

– Not to abuse power to affect national interests, not to benefit private interests but cause harm to others.

Monday: For citizens

– Comply with the laws of the state

– Responsible at work, in the team

Always live responsibly to yourself, family and society.

– Know how to sympathize, share, support people, know how to love people.

Have a sense of self-discipline in collective activities, do not push responsibility, only know how to live for themselves.

– Know how to love yourself, actively exercise, create healthy habits and lifestyle to be able to study well, have a sense of comfort, live positively

– Know how to admit mistakes, correct mistakes, do not shirk responsibility, take responsibility in words and actions.

Live responsibly with parents, brothers and sisters, be responsible in daily speech.

Third: For today’s young generation

– Make every effort to study, practice, cultivate morality, constantly increase knowledge, cultivate professional and cultural knowledge.

– Comply with and strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school and class.

Self-control, self-discipline in studying, not cheating in exams, having a clear career goal plan, that is, having a sense of responsibility for yourself.

Having a sense of mass integration, collective, profound patriotism, …

Meaning of Responsible Living

For each person, living responsibly helps us to complete the work and assigned tasks, helping us to improve ourselves more and more. People with strong responsibility will be trusted, loved, respected and supported by everyone around. Living responsibly helps us ensure our rights, achieve success in work and life.

With people around and society, live responsibly to ensure the rights and interests of those around, contribute to the preservation and growth of the nation and an increasingly civilized society.

Responsible living proof

President Ho Chi Minh is a shining example of responsible living. Responsibility to oneself, to others, is presented in one’s thoughts and reasons for living. In the context of the country being colonized, Uncle Ho presented himself as a responsible person to the Fatherland, the driving force in himself, the responsibility of a person who lost his country to find a way to save the country and preserve it. independence and freedom for the nation – an almost hereditary, innate responsibility of the Vietnamese nation.

When finding the route to save the country, Uncle Ho determined that it was his responsibility to transmit that route, that consciousness and ideology to create a movement to fight for independence and freedom for the nation. During 10 years of working for a living, he continued to study Marxism-Leninism, spread Marxism-Leninism into the country through magazines, propaganda, and staff training channels. and through disparate channels for political capital availability. ideology and organization of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The historical reality of the past 85 years shows that President Ho Chi Minh, together with the people, pioneered in the struggle for national independence, the struggle for power and protection of the independence of the nation. During the years of brutal war, the enemy wanted to bring us back to the stone age, but with a sense of decisive battle, fighting for America’s masterpiece, fighting the puppets to finally win complete victory and win the continent. . United Nation.

As the head of the Party and State, President Ho Chi Minh determined his responsibility as a soldier to obey the orders of his compatriots at the front. As a member of an organization, especially the head, when the Party or State has shortcomings, the head must be accountable to the people, accountable to the Party, apologize to the people, and promise to make amends. shortcoming.

– Before 6,700 trees were cut down, Hanoi people launched a movement to plant trees, tie yellow bows on tree trunks è Presenting citizens’ responsibilities towards the living environment.

– Before being ready to build a cable car into Son Doong, the largest cave in the world, putting the landscape here in danger of being destroyed, Vietnamese netizens have set up a campaign to protect Son Doong cave, spreading propaganda to all who values ​​Son Doong and urges everyone to protect that priceless landscape.

Write a 200-word paragraph about living responsibly

You can refer to the following passage:

A sense of responsibility is one of the most valuable human qualities. So what is the responsibility? It is the sense of performing well in one’s duties and work, not relying on, relying on, pushing the responsibility to others. In work and in life, responsibility plays an extremely important role. It is the driving force that drives us to strive and improve ourselves, increasing our problem-solving skills as well as our expertise. At the same time, thanks to this quality, we can win the trust, respect and love of friends, colleagues and people around us, thereby easily reaching success. In the era of 4.0 is a place of connection and transmission, if you don’t want to easily lose points in front of everyone quickly, if you dare to do it yourself, you need to have the courage to take responsibility first. that. Therefore, what you need to do is to build a sense of responsibility from the smallest things: complete assignments yourself, obey school rules, traffic safety laws, bravely correct mistakes… Because when you know how to take responsibility. for your own actions, maybe that’s when you start to grow up.

Essay on responsible living

You can refer to the article below:

Humans are part of society. People contribute to the process of innovation and social construction. Therefore, people need to have a sense of responsibility to build a healthy and civilized society. A responsible lifestyle will bring many good things to you, your family and society.

Responsible living is what people do to fulfill their obligations to society, to family and to themselves. People who dare to do it are responsible for their own actions. A student’s responsibility is to cultivate a lot of knowledge, train his soul to fulfill his obligations to himself and become a useful citizen for society.

Manifestations of responsible life are many and varied. Responsible action is possible from the little things in everyday life. For example, go to bed on time to ensure your own health, do not skip breakfast, be polite and respectful to everyone…. Each small daily action will contribute to accumulate into a daily habit, become a daily habit. into a lifestyle that is responsible for self, family and useful to society.

However, living responsibly with yourself is not simply doing things that are useful to yourself, but doing it must be associated with the interests of the family and society. If you only know how to live responsibly with yourself, it is not a responsible lifestyle, but it will become a narrow selfish lifestyle. Therefore, people need to integrate into society, must know how to share love and do many useful things for everyone, then that is called a responsible person.

Society is gradually growing day by day, students also have the need to contribute to the growth of society. We must take responsibility for our position. Each person just needs to do small actions such as putting garbage in the right place, not smoking, drinking alcohol, maintaining common hygiene … is also contributing to society. Or the youth’s voluntary activities in the summer are also an act of personal responsibility. They go to remote and remote areas to support lonely elderly people, repair roads and bridges, re-roof thatched roofs… all of these gestures clearly demonstrate their dedication to society and aspirations. about a land. better water.

As students, every day we need to take responsibility for our own learning. Before going to school, you need to finish yesterday’s homework and be ready for the next day’s lesson. In class, each person should focus on the teacher’s lecture in class and learn more outside knowledge to enrich their own understanding.

Everyone should be responsible for their words. Although this is only a very small thing, it can become a habit and shape your character later on. When you make a mistake but know it’s wrong, don’t deny it, deliberately avoid it, but take responsibility for correcting it. That is the way for each person to shape their life motto for a long time.

Lifestyle that is responsible for family and society will make life better and better. When you live responsibly, you will feel that you are not only useful for yourself, but also useful for others, useful for the whole society.

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