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” Trẩu Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Trẩu Trong Tiếng Việt Định Nghĩa Trẻ Trâu Dùng Để Chỉ Những Ai

What is Trunk? Is it the image of two-headed and three-headed boys herding buffaloes in the field? Or are they stubborn, impulsive and thoughtless people? To better understand this phrase, please read along Trường Cao đẳng Kỹ thuật Y tế II Check out the following article!

What is the definition of truant?

Young Buffalo in English is translated as Young Buffalo or Buffalo Boy. This word-by-word translation is quite corny and somewhat forced, but it is used by many young Vietnamese people.

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Regarding the meaning of the word “young buffalo”, many people think that it is a term referring to the image of two-headed and three-headed boys; holding a flute in his hand and sitting on the back of a buffalo in a Vietnamese fairy tale.

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What does buffalo mean?

Sounds very reasonable, doesn’t it? However, nowadays, young buffalo is also used by the trực tuyến community to refer to a part of Vietnamese youth who are obstinate, stubborn, wrong, but must try to argue and always think they are right. Buffalo children always have thoughtless, uncultured and non-standard behaviors and behaviors. They always like to show off, like to excel, and like to stand out with others, etc.

Besides, young buffalo is also used to refer to people who are stubborn, difficult to obey, never listen or accept opinions from others. They act spontaneously, acting on feelings rather than reason.

Today, due to the influence of Sino-Vietnamese words, there are many words that have the same meaning as young buffalo and are commonly used such as young ox, ox Nhi.

Young buffalo is the name of a song composed by Son Tung MTP for children

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Young buffalo refers to whom?

When we think of young people, we tend to think of young people. However, “young” here is not only limited to age, but it also shows immaturity in behavior, thinking and working. At this time, young buffalo has the meaning of assessing human capacity.

His father had a saying “the lute plucked the buffalo’s ears”, so perhaps the young buffalo also borrowed the meaning of this sentence to show his conservatism, stubbornness, and refusal to listen to other people’s opinions. This is like a buffalo, even if it listens to music, it is still indifferent and ignorant.

Therefore, young buffaloes do not discriminate against age, not only a specific object, but mainly judge people through their treatment and handling of situations in life.

Are young people good or bad?

Young people often have thoughts, actions and words that make the other person feel uncomfortable, troublesome and even annoyed. Really, this personality is not bad, but if it is a good comment, it is not.

Young people often have a big ego, it is easy to make the conversation fall into a state of tension and go to a dead end. Besides, the things they get involved in are very easy to fail and difficult to overcome because they are very conservative, always think they are right and never listen to the opinions of others.

Moreover, when working in groups, they find it difficult to get along with the group and always want to separate to work in their own way.

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Are young people good?

Signs to help identify children correctly

Young buffalo – Trau bamboo is a phrase commonly used by young people during the past time. Just surfing Facebook, Tiktok or playing games, you will see the whole group of children gathered. So how to identify young buffaloes? Please read and refer to the following signs:

Young Vietnamese buffalo often leave information on their Facebook profiles like: Idiot – I love you…. ahihi; University Bon Ba; The crew boy, the drunk girl; working at the Aviation Academy (meaning eating and staying empty),…Avatar often takes pictures of the mouth, puffing, winking, half-face and often editing through many times app.Set a Facebook nick with “Truu” names that don’t slip like: kute, tune, baby, your princess, baby, etc. even add characters like ‘s or ‘ss and many other special characters.Page Individuals constantly share statuses about philosophy, love language or posts expressing personal feelings. Buffalo children often have in common that every time they are angry, upset or happy about something, they like it very much…. post status. Like to upload personal photos with cheesy sentences like: being sad, bored – who loves you; I don’t have a lover, I’m still afraid of being alone, etc. Very often put statuses such as: in a complicated relationship, dating, married with someone you only met trực tuyến even though you are still alive. very young. “Hands are faster than brains”, young buffalo loves to curse comments trực tuyến and pretend that we know everything with familiar comment syntax on Facebook pages such as: “come to kneel”, ” Kneel always”, “please accept 1 bow”,… Young buffalo play games a lot, especially games like League of Legends, PUBG.

Signs help identify “young buffalo” easily

How not to be considered a child?

Young buffalo is not too bad but also does not receive much sympathy from the people around. So, if you don’t want to be seen as an infant and integrate into the community, not doing unusual childish actions is the most important thing.

Besides, it is necessary to learn to listen and absorb ideas from others. Need to be more mature in thinking and acting, look at things carefully, don’t just skim and judge and think you’re right, “arguing and arguing” without listening to others.

In short, to be able to get rid of the childish label and become more mature is a process of arduous training. Everyone has a “fluffy” time before they are more mature to understand that: Living must be with the mind, not with 10 fingers.

What is the difference between a calf and a buffalo?

Calves are a new concept that appears and is often equated in meaning with buffalo babies. In fact, these are two different concepts and calves are at a lower màn chơi.

Young buffaloes are said to be childish, act impulsive and often emotional because they have “double horns”, so they are ready to use their ignorance and ignorance to oppose despite everything to gain recognition. take. Young buffaloes are listed as active elements.

In contrast, calves don’t have “tough horns” like buffalo, so they are just “keyboard heroes”, hiding in the “darkness” without daring to show up. Calves are only good at martial arts, do not dare to act, so they usually do not cause danger to others.

Difference between calf and buffalo

How do young people use “young buffalo”?

Currently, this phrase is used commonly and often by young people when joking or talking about a certain object. For example, when you see your friends do something that you consider innocent and childish, you will immediately label them as young.

However, the use of “young buffalo” to judge or evaluate an individual is an action that should not be done. Because no one is perfect and we are not born to live according to the eyes of others. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. In this case, give them sincere advice, profound suggestions for them to improve themselves, not give them nicknames to say sarcastic or sarcastic.

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This action of yours does not help them understand all the absurdity of their actions, but only makes them deliberately ignore those useless jokes and continue doing what they think is right.

Some funny pictures of young buffalo

Young buffalo hairstyle “popular” for a while

League of Legends is a game chosen by many “bamboo”

The image of young buffalo fighting causes fever in the trực tuyến community

Young buffalo loves to play Tiktok with many muddy and funny videos

Play the game loser, young buffalo beat the keyboard to vent his anger

Child-made photos of buffalo children

Facebook Profile of “Truu Bamboo”

Young buffalo love to say cheesy words

I hope that the information shared above will help you understand better What is a young buffalo? and how to use this phrase properly. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Trường Cao đẳng Kỹ thuật Y tế II Stay tuned for more useful updates!

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