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Văn minh là gì? Có những nền văn minh nào trên thế giới?

Văn minh là gì? Có những nền văn minh nào trên toàn cầu?

Hình Ảnh về: Văn minh là gì? Có những nền văn minh nào trên toàn cầu?

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Wiki về Văn minh là gì? Có những nền văn minh nào trên toàn cầu?

Văn minh là gì? Có những nền văn minh nào trên toàn cầu?

In social life, people often hear the word civilization; it can be civilized, polite; civilized lifestyle; civilized behavior… However, not everyone understands what civilization is? What is the meaning of civilization?

1. What is civilization?

In many respects and different cultures, civilization is also defined differently.

According to the Sino-Vietnamese dictionary, van means beauty, and minh means bright.

In French, civilization is known as the word civilization, which is used with many different meanings. In English civilization is civilization.

Civilization means in English and French with the same Latin root civitas with the original meaning: urban; city; and derivative meanings: urban dweller; citizen.

According to W. Durrant, civilization is a word that refers to cultural creativity and is also used in the sense of social organization; moral organization and cultural activities. And F. Engels said that civilization is politics, surrounded by culture, the link between civilization is the State.

Civilization is not something spontaneous or eternal. It is the achievement of each generation accumulated into.

In short, civilization from the Eastern point of view is only a ray of morality, manifested in politics, law, culture, and art.

According to the Western point of view, civilization (civitas) refers to a civilized city or city, a society that has reached the stage of urban organization and the appearance of writing. Better understood is to refer to the stage of escaping from natural habitation to a planned human settlement.

Civilization refers to the material màn chơi of culture; Civilization can be specific to a large area or to an era, or even to humanity. Civilization is the achievements of people when culture develops to a certain extent in a certain social space.

Civilization of Latin origin is “civitas”, meaning “urban”, implying a period when people have escaped from the state of natural residence to a planned residence with many human factors. create.

There are civilizations such as ancient Egyptian civilization, Mediterranean civilization, bronze drum civilization, etc.

2. What are the major civilizations in the world?

Archaeologists and historians through fossils, antiquities, vestiges… have helped us to know the oldest and great civilizations in the world. Here are some major civilizations in the world and in Vietnam.

2.1. Inca civilization (from 1438 – 1532 AD)

This was a civilization that flourished in present-day areas of Ecuador, Peru and Chile; administrative, military and political center in Cusco, Peru.
The Inca civilization was a well-formed and developed society.

2.2. Aztec Civilization (1345 – 1521 AD)

The Mesoamerican civilization that thrived in central Mexico during the post-classical period.

The Aztecs comprised many ethnic groups in central Mexico, especially those that spoke the Nahuatl language, and dominated much of Central America. Aztec politics organized into city-states and alliances in the form of empires.

2.3. Roman Civilization (from 550 – 465 AD)

This is a civilization with a long history and has left great value in many fields for mankind today.

In early Roman times, the king was the ruler of the country, but later the people took control of the city and ruled themselves.

The history of Rome can be divided into three main periods: the ancient Estrusque period, the period of the Roman Republic, (3rd to 1st centuries BC and the period of the Roman Empire.

2.4. Ancient Greek civilization (2700 – 479 BC)

While not the oldest civilization, it is one of the most influential.

Ancient Greece has achieved many outstanding achievements in politics, literature, architecture as well as philosophical thought, this place is known as “the cradle of Western civilization”.

In the world, there are also outstanding civilizations such as Chinese civilization, ancient Egyptian civilization, Maya civilization, Mesopotamian civilization…

Here are the civilizations in Vietnam.

2.5. Dong Son civilization

Dong Son culture is an ancient culture, appearing around 800 BC, existing in some provinces in the North and North Central of Vietnam.

Dong Son civilization is a brilliant period of ancient Vietnamese culture. From this civilization, the ancient Vietnamese created their own, indigenous substance, establishing the Van Lang State of the Hung Kings, followed by the Au Lac country of An Duong Vuong.

2.6. Sa Huynh civilization

Sa Huynh culture was identified from about 1000 BC to the end of the 2nd century. This is one of the three ancient cradles of civilization in the territory of Vietnam.

According to many archaeologists, based on the artifacts and culture that have been discovered and excavated dating back about 2,500 years, it has proved that Sa Huynh residents have had high technical skills since ancient times. wide communication with the outside world.

2.7. Oc Eo civilization

This is the first culture in the South, appearing about 4,000 – 3,000 years ago, the inhabitants lived mainly by shifting cultivation, hunting and gathering and soon developed iron smelting techniques.

The typical handicraft products of the Oc Eo civilization are jewelry and glassware. Under the influence of the Indian civilization, the Oc Eo culture was transformed to a new height, which is the Oc Eo civilization.

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3. How is civilization different from culture?

Basically, civilization and culture have the following differences:





Is the process by which an area or society opens the stage of development is advanced human organization.

A term for the way people think, behave, and act.

Vast extent

Civilization is much larger than culture.

Culture is only one aspect of the set that makes up civilization.

Development time

Civilization exists after culture, a civilization can be made up of several cultures.

Culture develops earlier and exists within a civilization.


Civilization cannot exist on its own.

Without civilization, there is still culture

Culture can survive on its own

Having a new culture creates a civilization

Mode of existence

A civilization has only the visible.

Culture can exist in both tangible and intangible forms.


Civilization cannot be learned and transmitted through communication from generation to generation because of its complexity.

Culture can be learned and transmitted through communication from generation to generation.

Reflection range

Civilization is reflected in Law, administration, infrastructure, architecture, infrastructure…

Culture manifests itself in Religion, art, literature, customs, philosophy, etc.

Expression màn chơi

Civilization is the expression of external form, namely technology, products, equipment, etc.

Culture is intrinsic, expressing the greatest degree of inner perfection.

4. What is civilized living?

Lifestyle is understood as a collection of behaviors that have become habits and are recognized by society.

The urban civilized lifestyle is the lifestyle that implements:

– Cultural values

– Meeting the requirements of the community’s life organization.

The civilized living creates a cultural environment and a cultural face for the city, contributing to building people with a civilized and modern style and personality.

It is urgent to build a civilized lifestyle so that people can have a healthy cultural lifestyle. To achieve this, the whole community must contribute to the construction.

Civilized life as well as behavioral culture are abstract concepts. However, civilized living is reflected in each person’s specific words and actions. To build a civilized lifestyle, raising awareness and awareness needs to be put on top.

So civilized life is the implementation of habits according to standards, those standards have been recognized by society.

A civilized lifestyle must be formed and built from the family foundation. Therefore, in order to contribute to building a civilized life and moving towards a better society, it is necessary to:

– Promote fostering and educating the young generation’s consciousness

– There are solutions to prevent and repel evils and acts of violence

– Honoring the traditional values ​​of the nation

– Promote the good, criticize the bad.

Because in fact, without a civilized lifestyle, there would be no civilized people.

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5. What is civilized behavior?

Civilized behavior is a way of behaving kindly and properly at all times, everywhere, even when no one is looking. Civilization is the advancement of both knowledge and morality of man.

Civilized behavior is the manifestation of people’s external activities, which are reflected in the lifestyle, lifestyle, and thoughts of people’s behavior towards themselves, with those around them at work and at work. daily operating environment.

The most decisive decision for a civilized society is the fact that people in that society have a civilized lifestyle and behave with culture in public places; Besides that people dress politely, live and work in a place with spacious and modern infrastructure.

The inappropriate behavior is uncivilized, both damaging the image of oneself, and at the same time affecting and hurting others; influence on the general life of the community. There have been many unfortunate incidents, even murders stemming from uncivilized behavior.

Communicating in public and behaving in a civilized manner is one of the most important skills for individuals, demonstrating their education and personal awareness. Behavior is formed through daily habits and is determined by laws and customs.

To get into the habit of civilized behavior, each person must:

– Comply with the principles and rules of behavior prescribed when in public spaces

– Have a sense of self-awareness, know how to control yourself

– Know how to put yourself in the society as a whole, in harmony with the group and others

– Respect others through direct and indirect communication (on social networks)…

– Willingness to speak up against non-standard behaviors encountered in society

– Condemn wrong and uncultured expressions in order to contribute to changing the consciousness of the majority.

6. What is the Code of Civilized Tourism Conduct?

The General Department of Tourism has issued Decision 718/QD-BVHTTDL on the Code of Civilized Tourism Conduct, based on the view that it is not a legal document.

6.1. What is the Code of Civilized Tourism Conduct?

According to the provisions of the Decision, 718/QD-BVHTTDL:

The Code of Civilized Tourism Conduct is a standard regulation aimed at orienting:

– Behavior

– Attitude

– Habit

– Civilized manners

of organizations as well as individuals when participating in tourism activities contribute to changing Vietnam’s tourism image in a positive way, towards civilization, friendliness and professionalism.

6.2. Code of civilized behavior for tourists

The Code of Civilized Tourism Conduct is aimed at propagating, raising awareness, changing behavior, forming habits and attitudes, etc. of Vietnamese tourists when traveling. Specifically, the rules of civilized behavior for tourists are as follows:

“first. Follow the rules and signs when traveling.

2. Line up in order.

3. Go on time, sit in the right place.

4. Dress politely and appropriately.

5. Respect for differences in culture and local communities.

6. Plan before you travel.

7. Neat luggage.

8. Be civilized, friendly, play healthy.

9. Get enough food and drink to use.

10. Energy saving, environmental protection.

11. Support locally produced products and souvenirs.

12. Do not jostle, push, cause noise or disorder.

13. Do not throw garbage, spit, go to the toilet and smoke indiscriminately.

14. Do not damage the environment or landscape when traveling.

15. Do not use products from wild animals and plants.

16. Do not intentionally film or take photos at unauthorized places.

17. Do not take things that do not belong to you.

18. Do not buy or sell goods of unknown origin.

19. Do not go to unsafe areas.

20. Do not break the law when traveling.

Not only civilized behavior when traveling, people living in the community must also have civilized behaviors in communication and action. It can be seen that in public places almost everywhere there are rules of conduct to ensure safety and friendliness…

Building a culture of public behavior with ethical standards and laws enforced by specific individuals in order to create a healthy cultural environment is always a requirement in life and society.

Cultural behavior in public is civilized behavior, not only for understanding, but also for showing a sense of responsibility for the community.

Here is the answer information for What is civilization? If you have any questions, please contact us

19006199 for support.

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