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Ý Nghĩa Câu ” Vắng Chủ Nhà Gà Mọc Đuôi Tôm Nghĩa Là Gì ? Về Mấy Tục Ngữ, Thành Ngữ Bị Cho Là Sai

The expression “The owner is not at home, the chickens grow their tails” sounds like nonsense at first. Why do chickens grow shrimp tails but grow when the owner is not at home? Therefore, some people think that this sentence must be: “The owner is away, the chicken is playing in the shrimp pot”. Perhaps the shrimp tail here should be understood as the shape like the tail of a shrimp. ( Like shrimp tail coat ) . In the process of growing up, the chicks transition from fluff coat to tubular feathers, at the tail end it looks like a “shrimp tail” is attached. This is the time when the chicks don’t know what fear is, they are very active, they are digging around. Is it true that when the owner is not at home, all the chickens immediately “grow shrimp tails”? This idiom implies that when there is no supervision of adults (owners), children (members) will be as messy and undisciplined as those chickens carrying shrimp tails. If you think that “chicken plays with shrimp”, you will narrow the meaning of this delicate idiom.

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Comment by Thanh Tuan :Dear friend Ly Vien Giao !By e-cadao.com; Question number 19143 : In the absence of the lord, the chickens and shrimps were playing in the pot. You explain the meaning according to your understanding, not assert to narrow the meaning of the sentence cadao. First: The stage of “chicken with shrimp tail” in natural science from kindergarten to now, in all the documents that I know, there is no. This stage has your explanation, but no scientific basis. Second: Chickens in the “shrimp tail growing” stage are sassy, ​​hyperactive, destructive, fearless. It is the instinct of all species to fear. Not only chickens, but all pets dare not enter the “kitchen” when the owner is present. So when there is no host, there is food everywhere it goes to meet its needs.. eat Tuesday: According to your explanation, the meaning of the proverb is narrower: Only people at this stage” grow shrimp tails” is destructive, naughty, and undisciplined when there is no owner (parents, householder, shop owner ..). While the old folk’s folklore covers all ages, when the owners are absent, they come to eat clumsy or do things that they don’t dare to do when there is a landlord. The subjects mentioned by the folk song here are servants, children, employees.. not just at the age of “growing tails, being active” as you say. Close!
Hello ThanhTuan! First of all, thank you for your interest in my article. Moreover , you also join the discussion . When I opened the “Discussion” section, my aim was nothing more than to work together to clear up seemingly inconsistencies in order to bring about a general view.
The first is whether or not there is a saying “The owner is not at home, the chicken grows a shrimp tail” ? Called oral literature, it is inevitable that “Three stars seven copies”. On the other hand, each region, each time those sentences are changed by the user either accidentally, or intentionally making it different according to its own perception. While aggregators like Vu Ngoc Phan or you cite e-cadao.com, they only have their limited space and time to take notes. I don’t deny that there is no such thing as “The owner is away from home and chickens and shrimps” and so you should not assume that the sentence I gave is not there even though you have not seen it anywhere, not even a textbook that you have studied since childhood. crest !
That’s right, Only man – a special animal – God gives enough love: love, oh, joy, anger, người nào, grandpa, sex. Other animals have only certain instincts. At the lower màn chơi of development, the amount of instinct is less and simpler. In particular, chickens are afraid – that is, they – partly due to instinct, partly due to infection. Chickens at the màn chơi of “Shrimp tail growth” have not experienced many situations of fear and are just – or still – protected by their mother, so the màn chơi of fear is only very low. Meanwhile, the body is at the stage of development, everything wants to be curious, to explore – not to be confused – not only playing with shrimp pots but always, everywhere wants to jump in every possible place to find food but also sometimes nothing to do.

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After all , you have been reversed thinking about broad , narrow already ! If “Chicken and shrimp pot” is narrow! Because it only refers to a very specific, very simple “playing with shrimp pot” incident. Well, try to deduce to understand that having played with shrimp pots, it can play with many other pots and pans including rice baskets, sesame pots, bran pots…. Further inference to expand e is much more compulsive. And “Chicken with shrimp tail” indicates a state, a stage of the chicken with full of hidden psycho-physiological factors, we can imagine many of its không tính phí and defiant behaviors. This image is used to lead to a simple truth ” Lack of supervision inevitably leads to no discipline ” will be much lighter, more natural. Again, let’s discuss a little more: The image of “Chicken with shrimp tail” seems to be “Teasing” thinking, it gives more layers of thought and is more literary! Saying this so that you and I can answer together about the content of the two cases, an idiom differs only with the two words “Voc Nieu” and “Growing a tail”.
True to the purpose of the discussion, Thank you again for your input. More specifically , the issue has been raised for a long time that you are still interested in . Therefore, besides thanking me, I also want to reveal another psychological state of mine, which is touching. Hope we will see each other more in the future. Wishing you peace!
Hi Ly Vien Giao, happened to read your article on the internet about this topic and am also upset about a current flow of thought, I take the liberty to discuss with you about this topic: “In the absence of the owner, the chickens grow shrimp tails. “. So if the owner is at home, the chicken won’t grow a shrimp tail? If talking about right and wrong, it must be based on the standard, its origin, not change its appearance and explain why it makes sense. According to Mr. Nguyen Binh’s explanation, he agrees that chickens in the “shrimp tail” stage are very disruptive, but in addition, chickens that have passed the “shrimp tail” stage are also broken. Because the instinct of chickens is to search and rummage for food. Here, the ancients took the image of a chicken “playing with a bowl of shrimp” to talk about the phenomenon of “abusing discipline in the absence of the superior”, not just talking about a group of people/age. For example, this situation is also seen in elderly, mature, working people: there is no boss in the office, the employee voluntarily works on his own, comes late and leaves early. It’s not that many people say it’s wrong that it turns out to be true.

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Answer (By Ly Vien Giao)
Hello Jena Tran! I am both surprised and delighted to receive your letter sent via E.mail . Because the problem that I mentioned has been around for a long time and the blog post that I have closed for a few years. With your comments, I would like to come back with you to clarify a few more things!
First of all, let’s temporarily put aside the thing that you are “anxious about a current thought” because I am sure that my article and I are not related. You think that “If talking about right and wrong, it should be based on the standard, its origin, but it should not change its appearance and explain why it sounds reasonable”. The phrase “Without the owner of the chicken house, the shrimp tail grows” and the sentence “Absent the owner of the chicken and shrimp pot” I have heard when communicating in many localities, not by myself. From there, I want to mention it in the “Discussion” section for friends to join the discussion. Please tell me that even the massive book “Ca dao – Proverbs” by Vu Ngoc Phan is also a collection of folklore. The content of my discussion is which of the two sentences is more correct, but does not lead to affirmation or negation of any sentence.
If you understand “Chicken with shrimp tail” in the biological sense, it is as you said. If the owner is at home, it still grows! I want to talk a little bit about the “real” you mentioned. Yes! What chickens do not disturb .Not this age or past this age also . But if it’s smaller, it’s still not strong enough, confident enough. When you’re older, you’ll have more experience, you’ll be more cautious! As for at the age of “growing shrimp tails”, the disturbance will be limitless, no worries!
I wonder if you think the same way I do about the scope of the different disturbances in the «shrimp tailing» and «shrimp swarming»? In the state of “shrimp tail growth” chickens can cause more troubles where the “shrimp pot” is just a specific event. This event occurs conditionally. That is to have a shrimp pot to brag about! You think that the idiom in question speaks of the phenomenon of “abuse of discipline in the absence of the superior”. Perhaps this idea we agree with only slightly different spelling.
I do not dare to think that what I have discussed will be interested and cared for by so many people for so long. Thank you very much and look forward to continuing the story. Wishing you much happiness in life!

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